PGE Fleet Partner

PGE will help you electrify your fleet from start to finish

Your partner from start to finish

Making the leap to electric fuel can seem daunting when it’s just your own car. Electrifying an entire fleet is downright intimidating. The PGE Fleet Partner program takes the guesswork out of transitioning your fleet, so you can realize both your sustainability and economic goals.

Fleet Partner Plan

Do you want to electrify your fleet but don’t know where to start? Fill out an application and we’ll get the Plan phase started, where a PGE engineer will work with you to plan out your project and provide you with a free feasibility study (we call it a Fleet Partner Study) that includes:

  • Electric vehicle feasibility assessment

  • Charging analysis

  • Fuel cost and clean fuel credit analysis

  • Site assessment

  • Preliminary designs and cost estimates

  • Summary of incentives

There’s no cost to receive the Fleet Partner Study and no obligation to proceed with the program.

Fleet Partner Build

Are you ready to take the leap and start building out your EV charging site? In the Build phase, PGE will provide:

  • Turnkey final design and construction of make-ready infrastructure

  • A custom Make-Ready Incentive based on forecasted energy use of the chargers up to $400,000

  • PGE ownership and maintenance of make-ready infrastructure for 10 years

  • Once we’re done, you’ll need to install at least one qualified Level 2 or DC Fast Charger within 6 months

How the PGE Fleet Partner program works

It’s no small task building out fleet charging infrastructure. But we are experts and we’re here to manage the process for you, from beginning to end. Take a look at each step in the process so you know what to expect.

Program requirements
  • Charging site(s) must be in PGE service territory

  • Pay for any make-ready costs not covered by the custom cost incentive

  • Add a minimum of 70 kW of new load (usually equivalent to 10 Level 2 ports or 1-2 DC fast chargers).

  • Purchase and install PGE-approved, networked, Level 2 or DC fast chargers.

  • Keep chargers operational and share charging data with PGE for 10 years.

  • Commit to forecasted energy use of the chargers

  • Sign an easement covering PGE-owned infrastructure.

  • No concurrent construction that would impact the design or installation of make ready infrastructure.

  • Customer must sign the Participation Agreement before construction can begin. Please note: Because Fleet Partner is a tariffed program overseen by the Oregon Public Utility Commission, PGE has to use the same agreement for all customers, and cannot make any changes or customizations to this agreement.

What is make-ready infrastructure?

While most utilities stop at the meter, we’ll build the infrastructure up to the chargers. This means that we’ll install the electrical panels, conduit, wiring and everything else to bring power to each EV parking space. And we’ll build the infrastructure for your 5-year EV plan so you’ll have the power you need to install more chargers when you need them.

Electrical vehicle infrastructure build-out
Sample charging site costs

Here’s an example of how our custom cost incentives can help you build out your charging site.

Estimated Costs

Make ready-infrastructure cost



Estimated Costs

PGE Fleet Partner make-ready incentive



Estimated Costs

Fleet Partner customer payment



Estimated Costs

Chargers (8 ports)



Estimated Costs

PGE Level 2 charger rebate ($1,000/port)



Estimated Costs

Net charger cost



Fleet Total Cost of Ownership tool

An electrified fleet can help you meet your organization's cost and environmental goals. The PGE Total Cost of Ownership tool will help you calculate the fuel savings and environmental impact of using electricity as a transportation fuel.

There are bound to be some questions

With EVs, there are usually some questions about charging. No worries, check out our FAQs for answers to common questions. If you can’t find your answer there, email us at

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