Direct Access Operations

Oregon businesses can choose their energy supplier

Information for PGE business customers

To understand your options, see our Market-based Pricing section. If you want more information about your options under Oregon’s electricity restructuring law, please don’t hesitate to call PGE Business Services at 800-822-1077 or your PGE representative.

Currently, the following ESSs are registered to do business with PGE:

You can authorize PGE to provide 12 months of historical usage data for each customer number you have selected to any Electricity Service Supplier that requests this information.

Your customer number is your 10-digit account number, which you can find on your PGE bill.

Historical usage data for all meters affiliated with the customer numbers provided with this form will be released to any ESS that requests this information. This will be in effect until you rescind it in writing.

You may either:

If you elect to buy energy through a registered ESS, then your ESS must also file a DASR (Direct Access Service Request) with PGE on your behalf, to officially enroll you as the ESS’s customer.

Information for Electricity Service Suppliers

ESSs who want to register with PGE can review the ESS Application PGE and ESS Service Agreement PGE, and the resources below, then call us to get started.

For more information about Direct Access in Oregon, contact Direct Access Operations at 503-464-7632 or toll-free at 866-377-0411.

Resources for ESSs and potential ESSs

EDI specifications for ESSs

Below are PGE’s Implementation Standards for Electronic Data Interchange, and EDI sample files to assist ESSs with e-commerce transactions with PGE.

The samples and specifications provided by PGE are for reference purposes only and may not reflect the latest revisions. Please contact Direct Access Operations at 866-377-0411 for information on the latest revisions and data samples.