Pricing Plans

Basic Service for residential and small business customers

A residential customer PGE and a small business PGE are typically on basic service plans that include costs for: Basic Charge, Transmission Charge, Distribution Charge, Energy Charge, and required adjustments. When all charges and adjustments are combined, the average cents per kWh will be:

Residential Customer: 19.66¢ per kWh

Small Business Customer: 18.58¢ per kWh

If you’re a residential or small business customer who uses most of your electricity at night or on weekends, or you charge an electric vehicle overnight, consider switching to our Time of Day PGE plan.

For a complete breakdown of charges and adjustments, please visit our Tariffs and price summaries PGE.

Compare all your power choices

See our Power Choices Brochure for residential or business customers to see a side-by-side comparison of the prices, fuel sources and environmental impacts of all your options.

Medium and large businesses

For medium and large businesses (your bill says Schedule 83, 85 or 89) your Basic Service plan already includes a lower rate for electricity used when demand is typically lower (nights and weekends).

Your bill also includes a basic charge, transmission costs, distribution costs and required adjustments.

Pricing is based directly on the cost to provide electric service and is regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

Market-based pricing

Did you know you can purchase your power from an alternate service provider, or switch to PGE’s daily market pricing? Either way, PGE still provides the reliability and service you depend on.


View the directory of PGE’s tariff approved by the Oregon Public Utility Commission, including rate schedules, rules and regulations, tariff update announcements and price summaries.