Life After Your Career at PGE

Welcome PGE Retirees

Welcome PGE Retirees

Find the resources, including healthcare and financial benefits that you may need in retirement.

PGE has partnered with many organizations to help provide you the best services possible.

If you have a question on a particular topic, we’ve provided the contact information for each vendor partner and encourage you to reach out to them directly. They are best equipped to answer specific questions about their services.

Download the PGE retiree quick reference list PGE.

For more general questions, you can always reach us at PGE HR Connect at 503-464-7250 or email us at


Stay connected!

We hope you stay connected and engaged with other PGE retirees. Our retirees have formed a nonprofit corporation, PGE Retirees Inc., to provide news, networking, activities and advocacy on behalf of all retirees.

If you would like to receive their newsletter, please send your contact information to

You also are invited to join the PGE Retirees Facebook Group which is a great way to exchange information directly with other retirees.

The PGE Retirees' Association website also provides information for retirees and their family members. You’ll find a calendar of events, historical tidbits and links, along with email and phone contacts.

PGE Retirees Inc. PO Box 68418, Portland OR 97268

Non-represented (including Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees)

PGE has partnered with Via Benefits Insurance Services to assist our retirees in selecting an individual medical plan that is best for you.

Via Benefits is a retiree health plan marketplace. With them, you have access to a variety of different national and regional carriers and plans to choose from.

They will provide enrollment support over the phone and online tools to help you make an informed enrollment decision. When you call, you will reach experienced, licensed benefit advisors to help you make the choice that best fits your needs. This is a free service available to our retirees.

You are not required to use Via Benefits for your health care plan. You may choose to get health care coverage from any source you choose. However, if you qualify for a company contribution you must enroll in a health plan through Via Benefits to access the company contribution amount (CCA).

Via Benefits services include acting as a liaison between you and your carrier should you need assistance.

If you have a question about selecting a plan or about a plan that was selected through Via Benefits you can reach out to them. You may also contact your carrier directly if you have a plan-specific question.

Via Benefits health plans, under age 65:

Via Benefits health plans, 65 and over:

Represented (excluding Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees)

Under age 65 or spouse of retiree under age 65 coverage is offered through the Trust office.

Contact the Trust office for information on your specific plan.

Trust office – BeneSys administrators (medical, dental and vision):

If you are 65 or over, or a spouse who is 65 and over, medical coverage is offered directly through United Healthcare Medicare Solutions.

Contact UHC for information on your specific plan.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions:

Sav-Rx secondary prescription plan:

Trust office – BeneSys administrators (dental and vision):

If you have chosen to participate in COBRA for continuation of group coverage, your coverage ends 18 months after your retirement date.

For information, contact the administrator for your group.

Non-represented (including Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees)


  • Wex

  • 866-451-3399

Represented (excluding CoyoWte Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees) – Trust medical plan

IBEW 125 – PGE Health and Welfare Trust:

  • 877-545-9471

Non-represented (including Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees)

Company Contribution Account (CCA)

Non-represented retirees who retired prior to Jan. 1, 2020 and all Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees may qualify for a company contribution to help offset health insurance premiums for plans enrolled through Via Benefits.

The amount PGE contributes varies based on several factors and is unique to each retiree.

The company contribution will be added to your account monthly provided you are eligible and enrolled in a plan offered by Via Benefits. CCA funds do not roll over into future years. The CCA is administered by Via Benefits.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

HRA notional funds were accrued based on a formula while you were an active employee of PGE.

These funds can be used to reimburse retirees for qualified medical related expenses.

The balance is available for qualified medical expenses until exhausted by the retiree and there are no future PGE contributions.

Retirees do not need to have their health plan through Via Benefits to utilize these HRA funds but are encouraged to review the options presented by Via Benefits when electing retiree medical coverage. The HRA is administered by Via Benefits.

For information on your CCA and HRA contact Via Benefits.

Via Benefits health plans, under age 65:

Via Benefits health plans, 65 and over:

Represented (excluding Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees) – Trust medical plan

Retirement Reimbursement Account (RRA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Many retirees qualified for a company contribution and a health reimbursement account to help offset eligible medical expenses.These two accounts are combined into a single account. The amount PGE contributes varies, based on a number of factors.

Company contributions are added to your account monthly, unused funds may be carried over for qualified future medical health care expenses. You must remain continuously covered by a Trust medical plan option to be eligible for a monthly RRA contribution.

Contact Optum Bank for information about your RRA and HRA and any questions regarding claims.

Health Savings Account, HSA (all retirees)

HSA accounts are owned by you and you continue to have access to your funds. You can move these accounts to whichever administrator you choose.

At the time of your retirement, accounts were administered by:

Non-represented (including Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees):

Represented (excluding Coyote Springs, Port Westward and Carty retirees):

PGE pension services are provided by Aon. They specialize in delivering state-of-the-art benefits administration services.

Common reasons why you may need to contact the PGE Pension Service Center would include:

  • Address changes, tax withholding changes and direct deposit updates

  • Missing payments

  • 1099-R reissue requests for 2020 and later

  • Death of the pensioner or beneficiary

Aon – PGE Pension Service Center:

  • 833-778-6363

  • Fax: 847-554-1133

  • P.O. Box 6300, Newport Beach, CA 92658

Beneficiary designations are managed by the administrator of each benefit.

It is recommended that you check, and if appropriate, update your beneficiaries each year or when a significant life event occurs that would alter your beneficiary selection.

Changing your beneficiaries for one benefit does not change the beneficiaries for other benefits.

To check your current beneficiaries, contact the specific vendor partner using the contact information provided.

Life insurance is administered by the carrier, MetLife. Each retiree has Group Basic Life Insurance paid for by PGE.

Some retirees elected to continue with retiree paid Optional Life Insurance at the time of retirement. Optional Life Insurance can be reduced or canceled at any time. Additional coverage cannot be added. The amount of Basic Life and Optional Life varies by retiree.

To review your life insurance coverage amounts, change your address, review and/or change beneficiaries, or any life insurance related questions, contact MetLife directly.


PGE provides several ways to amplify your generous contributions of both volunteer time and personal donations to nonprofit organizations.

Through the Matching Gift Program and volunteering incentives, you can continue to support your favorite nonprofits and deepen your impact in the community.

To find out more about requesting a company match, recording volunteer hours, earning Cause Cards or signing up for organized service events, log into your profile on the myCommunity website.


PGE retirees that reside in PGE’s service area qualify for the electric service discount. The discount is subject to the rules and restrictions of the program.

To learn more about this program, or in the event of change of address or death of the retiree or surviving spouse, contact HR Connect.

PGE HR Connect:

At the time of retirement, your PGE 401(k) plan was administered as an individual account by Voya. Your contributions to the PGE 401K Plan were discontinued with your last regular paycheck.

Once you reach the age of 72, you will be required to take a minimum distribution. This account can be moved to another administrator if you choose to.

For questions about your 401(k), contact Voya directly.


When a retiree passes, the survivors of the retiree must notify each vendor for which the retiree had an active account, including PGE. The PGE notification is for internal record-keeping. PGE will not notify any benefit vendors.

We will provide a contact list of all benefit vendors for which we have formal relationships. The retiree may or may not have an active account with these vendors.

In the event of a death, please notify PGE HR Connect.

PGE HR Connect:

Quick reference benefit links

Download the PGE retiree quick reference list PGE

For more general questions, you can always reach us at PGE HR Connect at 503-464-7250 or email us at