Career Paths

At PGE, we care about your professional growth and career development. We work hard to help you find the path that best fits your interests, skills and goals.

A career at PGE is like a caterpillar. There are always exciting possibilities emerging.

At Portland General Electric we care about our employees’ growth and career development. Beyond our traditional career paths, we provide a mentorship program that allows you to connect with an experienced member of any department, or even a more senior member of your own department. Where there’s an interest, we’ll help you find the best path towards it.

Sample Career Paths at PGE: Professional

Not everyone here wears a hard hat and climbs service poles. Some would rather climb the corporate ladder. Here’s an example of how a new college graduate with a degree in finance, accounting or related field might advance through eight years of experience.

Sample Career Paths at PGE: Trades

If you’re interested in becoming a Journeyman Lineman, PGE’s trades career path is considered one of the best. You’ll start out as a pre-apprentice then advance to an apprentice for he next four or more years before becoming a card-carrying Journeyman.

Sample Career Paths at PGE: Generation Plants

To become a qualified plant equipment operator at one of our power plants, you’ll start by becoming a Plant Equipment Operator Trainee. This usually lasts 18 months before you advance to a Plant Equipment Operator. What’s next? A Shift Supervisor. Here, you’ll manage operators and trainees, gaining leadership and management experience.

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