Worth your energy

Nobody likes wasting stuff. Whether it’s the money in our pockets, the food on our plates or the energy in our homes. That’s what drove James Harris into the recycling business. He didn’t want to see all that stuff he saw in trash cans wind up hurting the environment.

What’s unique about James Recycling is the breadth of items they’ll recycle. The city can take pretty much all the paper products, glass and yard debris but there are limits to what it can recycle at the curb. Early on James realized recycling would have a big impact on the environment, so he’s recycling a much wider variety of plastic, Styrofoam, batteries and more. All with the convenience of home pick up! PGE

Like James, we’ve got several ways to help you avoid wasting the energy in your house. From simple low cost no cost tips to innovative programs that are easy to participate in and reward you, we can help you save. It’s like the old proverb says: Waste not, want not.