Smart Thermostat Program

Ready to start saving (energy, money, and then the world)?

Installing a smart thermostat is a simple step to help you save energy and contribute to a clean energy future. If your home’s heating or cooling system qualifies, you can also earn rewards when you enroll in our Smart Thermostat program.

Saving the planet (and some money) has never been so easy.

If your home has a heat pump, electric forced air furnace or central air conditioning your smart thermostat can even earn money back when you enroll in PGE’s Smart Thermostat program. Don’t have a smart thermostat yet? They cost less than you think PGE Marketplace, and you can install them even if you’re renting (just check with your landlord first). When you enroll in the program, your thermostat will automatically shift some of your energy use away from peak times, helping keep prices low for everyone and enabling the use of more renewable energy.

Easy to participate

It’s as easy as doing nothing. Once enrolled, your thermostat will automatically adjust a few degrees when energy demand is high – this is called a Peak Time Event. We notify you before an Event, and If you don’t like the temperature it sets, you can always override the change.

Enrollment bonus

Earn $25 when you enroll in the program.

Need a thermostat? Earn an instant rebate when you buy a smart thermostat through the PGE Marketplace PGE.

Ongoing earnings

You earn $25 each summer and winter season you are able participate. You must participate in at least half of the Peak Time Event hours each season to earn the reward.

Summer season runs June 1 through September 30. Winter season runs December 1 through February 28.

Count me in. How do I enroll?

You enroll directly with your smart thermostat’s manufacturer. If installing a thermostat isn’t your thing, you may qualify to have us help you install one in your home.

Already have a smart thermostat?

It’s easy to sign up for our Smart Thermostat program – just choose your thermostat below, click, and enroll.

Shop PGE Marketplace PGE to find the right smart thermostat for you.

What else should I know?

Peak Time Events

When energy use is high, your smart or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat will adjust by 1 to 3 degrees. Most thermostats will automatically pre-heat or pre-cool your home before those peak times, so you may not even notice a difference.

Peak Time Event seasons

  • Summer season runs June 1 through Sept. 30. Events occur between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays.

  • Winter season runs Dec. 1 through Feb. 28. Events occur between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays.

  • There are typically 5 to 6 events each summer and winter with the ability to call a maximum of 15 events; events last between 1 and 4 hours. Remember, to earn your reward you must participate in at least half of the event hours each season you are able to participate. 


  • If you have questions about your reward or wish to unenroll, give us a call 800-542-8818

  • Call your thermostat’s customer service line if you have issues with your thermostat or need help with your thermostat settings.

Need a smart thermostat installed?

If installing a smart thermostat isn’t your thing, you can have one installed with the help of a professional for free or at a deep discount (depending on your heating and cooling system). You’ll still enjoy the benefits of a smart thermostat, but you won’t get seasonal rewards.

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