What are Peak Time Events?

Earn rewards for reducing your energy use at times when energy demand and prices are highest.
Summer Peak Time Events typically happen in the early evening (4-8 p.m.). Your participation supports the use of more sustainable energy resources, helps improve grid reliability and lowers costs.

Count me in. How do I get started?

There's no cost to join! To participate in Peak Time Events, enroll in one of two of our energy-shifting programs: Peak Time Rebates or Smart Thermostat.

Peak Time Rebates

With this program, small changes make a difference. You decide how you want to reduce your energy use during Peak Time Events with simple changes like waiting to run the dishwasher or do laundry.

Visit our Peak Time Rebates page for more info.

Smart Thermostat Program

It's as easy as PGE sending a signal to your thermostat on the day of the event to preheat or pre-cool your space (depending on the season). During the event, your thermostat will automatically adjust by 1-3 degrees to temporarily reduce energy use. You're always in control of your comfort and if you don't like the temperature it sets, you can override the change.

Visit our Smart Thermostat page for more info.

Can you really make a difference?

You bet! A little shift here. A little shift there. The next thing you know you're helping shift enough energy to power approximately 17,000 homes per event or the City of Troutdale. That's what customer participation did last summer.

How it works:

Once enrolled in the Peak Time Rebates or Smart Thermostat program, you're ready to participate. During Peak Time Events, your health and safety should always come first. Always consider health impacts when reducing energy use.

1. Get notified

Once you're enrolled, we'll send you a notification before the Peak Time Event. We'll let you know when the event will start and stop.

2. Shift use

For Peak Time Rebates, you can reduce your energy use at peak times with simple changes like waiting to wash dishes or do laundry.

If enrolled in the Smart Thermostat program, no need to do a thing as your thermostat will automatically adjust a few degrees during the event.

3. Earn rebates

With both programs, you can save on your bill, support the use of more sustainable energy resources and help improve grid reliability.

There is no cost to you to enroll in Peak Time Rebates. Your electric bill will be calculated based on your energy use and may go up or down based on how much electricity you use.