Prepare Your Business

Is your business prepared in case of a power outage? Tips to minimize business disruption, keep your employees safe, and protect equipment.

Minimize business disruption

  • Talk about an outage response plan with key employees.

  • Ensure everyone knows where to find your outage kit that includes the following items: 

    • Flashlights and battery powered or hand-crank radio 

    • Extra batteries

    • Car chargers for cell phones and laptops or tablets

    • Battery powered clock

    • Emergency phone numbers including PGE outage numbers

  • Plan a manual backup for work done on computers and cash registers. 

  • Ensure electronic door locks can be bypassed manually.

  • If you have an emergency lighting system, make sure it’s in good working order. 

Protect equipment

  • Make sure you and employees have an outage plan for all critical equipment. 

  • Identify equipment power switches. 

  • Locate your electrical supply panels and know how to shut off power. 

  • Protect computers and other equipment from power surges with good quality surge protection

  • Prevent data loss with automatic backup programs and battery backup systems. 

Report an outage and get updates

To report an outage or get updates, download our mobile app, report online or call:

When a major storm or event hits, we work as quickly as safety allows to get your power back on.

Understand power surges and surge protection options to help prevent equipment damage.

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