Understanding My Bill

Your use at a glance

Paying bills isn’t anyone’s favorite chore and we totally get it! That’s why we’ve designed our bill to be easy to read and quick to understand — leaving you with all the information you need and without any questions. If something does come up, you should find the answer below. And if not, we’re always happy to connect. Just give us a call at 503-228-6322.

Look here first

The most important part of your bill! Don't forget to read the message box - this is where we provide important information about your payments, payment review periods, alerts and more.

Monthly energy use

This section of your bill shows your monthly energy use for an entire year. Compare this month's bill to prior months and track your use over time.

Helpful comparison

Compare this month’s energy use to last month and last year.

More key features specific to common payment plans

If you’re on Equal Pay, a Time Payment Agreement, or both, click on the tab for your plan below to view graphics and information that are unique to your bill and don't appear on the basic monthly bill.

Equal Pay

Review period

You will see this on your first bill. This is your Equal Pay review period.

Monthly summary

This shows your actual usage compared to your Equal Pay expected usage.

Annual progress

This shows your energy use compared to the amount you paid for Equal Pay and informs you if you are on track. Learn more about the traffic lights.

Learn more about...

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and make things easier, which is why we’ve streamlined the “charges” detail on your paper bill. If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation of your charges, you can see those in a PDF in your account online. There you’ll find details about regulatory charges and credits.

  1. Create your online account, or simply sign in.

  2. In the “Current bill” box, click the “View detailed bill (PDF)” button.

  3. Scroll past the first page to see charges and credits details.

Supports fixed costs such as maintenance, billing and customer service, regardless of the energy used. This is a charge for having service available and is billed even if no electricity is used.

The amount of electricity you used multiplied by the cost for energy as stated in your rate schedule.

  • For residential customers, kilowatt-hour (kWh) charges are on a tiered rate structure.

  • Energy charges for Time of Use customers will be broken out into different rate periods.

These charges cover the cost of bringing power to you, including the cost of maintaining utility poles, lines, substations, transmission towers and other equipment, and restoring power after storms.

If you opt to choose renewable power from Green Future℠ ChoiceGreen Future Block or Green Future Solar, a separate charge for that option will appear on your bill. If you choose to add Habitat Support that charge will also appear as a separate line item.

Adjustment schedules are listed separately from your energy costs for transparency and because they occasionally change.

Adjustments may be added, may expire or may change from debits to credits or vice-versa.

To learn about an adjustment, review the adjustment schedules or call PGE Customer Service at 800-542-8818. (TTY Relay for the hearing impaired 800-735-2900.)

House Bill 2165 Section 2 (2) directed the Utilities to collect a transportation electrification charge equal to one quarter of one percent of the total retail revenue from a given year. Funds collected under this schedule support transportation electrification with half allocated to underserved communities.

This $1.04 charge, mandated by state law, provides funding for low-income residential customers who are unable to pay their electric bills in times of crisis. An Oregon law passed in 2021 increases the amount of funds allocated to this effort for a 2-year window (2022-2023). Given the increase in financial hardship stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, on top of Oregon’s ongoing economic challenges, this temporary increase was broadly supported by customer and low-income advocates. Electric utilities are currently collecting an additional $0.35 from residential customers, along with proportional amounts from non-residential customers. As utilities collect the funds, they are distributed to community organizations to assist customers in paying their bills.

HB 3141 moved energy efficiency out of the Public Purpose Charge and into Schedule 109. The remaining amount in the PPC increased from 1.3% to 1.5%. This charge funds renewable resources, energy efficiency in schools and low-income energy efficiency and housing programs. Mandated by state law, this is a fee expiring Jan. 1, 2036. PGE does not keep these funds; they are distributed to organizations with energy-efficiency programs, including the Energy Trust of Oregon.

A late payment charge may be applied to past-due billings.

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities PGE as an Oregon utility customer.


Please let us know at least five days before you move. This will allow us to get a final meter reading and ensure that service is available at your new location if you move within the PGE service area.

Past due payments

If your payment is past due, you will receive a notice through the mail and an automated phone call. If you receive a past-due notice, please call PGE at 800-542-8818.

Employee identification

Our employees carry PGE identification with a photograph. Don’t hesitate to ask for identification before admitting a PGE employee onto your premises.