PGE customers show up in a big way

Thank you for partnering with us at home and at work to build a bright future for Oregon. Together, when we go paperless, choose renewables and shift energy during peak times, it adds up to make a big impact.

It's easy for households and business owners to make a difference through PGE programs and initiatives. Join your neighbors in becoming a good energy champion today!

Good energy households

Make the shift

Energy shifting reduces strain on the grid during peak times, which keeps power reliable and helps bring more sustainable resources into our energy mix.

Pitch in with paperless

While it might not seem like going paperless will make much of an impact, we promise this one small shift is a sustainable, earth-friendly choice.

Ways to go renewable

From a little to a lot, choose the renewable mix that works for you.

Good energy businesses

When local businesses like yours connect with PGE’s Energy Experts, we commit to helping you find innovative ways to save time, energy, and money. From programs offering free lighting upgrades to smart technology providing you more control of your space, we have solutions to help your business thrive.