Billing & Payment Options

Pay online quickly and securely. Sign in or Register your PGE account to pay your bill, set alerts, track energy use, and choose budget-friendly payment options.

Ways to pay

Pay with the PGE app

The PGE app for Android and iPhone is the simplest way to access your account, pay a bill, report an outage or get updates and track your energy use.  

Pay in person - no fee

Pay for free with cash or debit card at Western Union or CheckFreePay located in many major retailers near you.  

Have your PGE account number handy. Payments post in 2 business days. If your bill is past due, call us and provide the confirmation number to prevent disconnection or to get reconnected. 

Pay by phone or mail

Use our automated phone system to pay by card or checking account. 

Have your PGE account number and bank account and routing number handy if paying by checking account. 

You can also mail payments to: PGE, P.O. Box 4438, Portland, OR 97208-4438

Need help paying your bill?

Call us at 503-228-6322 or 800-542-8818 to discuss options.

Businesses should call our Business Services Team at 503-228-6322 or 800-822-1077 to discuss options. 

Bill Payment Assistance may be available through a variety of federal, state and charitable resources. If your income has been impacted recently, you can still qualify. Requirements are based only on your last 30 days of income.

Review help options
Income-Qualified Bill Discount

Our Income-Qualified Bill Discount program  provides ongoing, monthly help with your PGE bill that’s in addition to any other assistance you may be getting from us or other agencies. 

Your bill, your way

How it works 

You receive your bill online and get an email letting you know when it’s ready.  

Going paperless lets you: 

  • Get a monthly email with your bill amount 

  • View your complete bill online any time 

  • View bills going back 36 months 

  • Avoid lost or misplaced bills 

  • Eliminate the risk of paper bills, which can be stolen from your mailbox, recycling or trash 

  • Reduce paper waste 

  • Support a sustainable, earth-friendly choice 

Added benefit: Quick Pay

If you pay your PGE bill online, save your bank account information for future months. Then, when your next Paperless Bill arrives in your inbox, just hit the “Quick Pay” button. 

No sign in, no re-entering your information — just a few quick clicks and you’re done! 

How it works

Because your PGE bill is paid automatically through your bank account, you’ll spend less time paying bills.  

  • Convenient — no checks, no stamps 

  • Ensures that your bill is always paid on time — even when life gets hectic 

  • Keeps your payment safe and secure 

You’ll continue to receive a monthly statement from PGE, with plenty of time to review it before it’s due. On the due date, the payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. If you have a question, just give us a call. 

When you first apply, continue to pay your bills until you receive a statement that says “Do Not Pay.” That’s how you know Auto Pay is paying your PGE bill for you. 

How it works

A typical electric bill can experience some dramatic ups and downs, as electricity needs change during the year. PGE’s Equal Pay option evens out your monthly bill so you make the same payment every month. 

Average payment based on past use 

Once a year, we estimate your annual electricity use based on what you’ve used in the past. We divide that annual use by 11 to calculate your monthly Equal Pay amount. 

Because your energy use can change over time, we give you a month every year to “catch up,” in which you pay the difference between what you’ve already paid for the year and what you’ve actually used. 

If you used less than estimated, you’ll get a credit for future bills in your catch-up month, and if you used more, you’ll have an amount due. 

Regular monitoring 

We also review your account every four months to compare your Equal Pay amount to your actual use and adjust your Equal Pay amount if needed. These adjustments help you avoid a large overpayment or underpayment, so you should have only a small bill or credit in your catch-up month. 

For more information, see our Equal Pay FAQ.

Check your bill to compare your use 

Your Equal Pay amount is an estimate based on past use. So it’s a good idea to look at your bill each month to compare your actual use to the Equal Pay amount and make sure they are similar. 

You can also track any differences throughout the year on the back of your bill, on the line labeled “Equal Pay Payoff Balance.” While it’s normal to have some monthly differences, if you notice big shifts in your energy use, give us a call. 

Who is eligible? 

If you’re a residential customer, and your account is current, you can enroll in Equal Pay today.  

How to enroll

Call us at 800-542-8818 Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

How it works 

Request a billing due date that fits with your cash flow. It's a program that works well for those on a fixed income or whose paychecks come at specific times during the month. For example, you can request a due date three days after you receive your paycheck. 

When you switch to Choose Your Due Date, your first bill will cover either a longer or shorter time period to allow for the schedule adjustment, and therefore may be a little higher or lower than your typical bill. 

Your due date will not take effect until next month's bill. 

Who is eligible? 

You must be current on your account (zero balance). Customers with time-payment arrangements or medical certificates who are current on their accounts are also eligible. 

How to enroll 

Sign in to choose your due date. 

How it works

Streamline transactions

If you have a number of properties or facilities, you can streamline transactions for multiple accounts. Just enroll or sign in to:

  • Create Account Groups: Organize accounts for easy viewing and analysis. Each person can create unique groups without impacting accounts.

  • View & download bills: Access summary bill for all accounts and bills by account and meter number. Download billing costs and usage for any group.

  • Make One-check payments: Use just one check to pay up to 1,000 account bills. This works best if all your bills are due around the same time of the month.

EDI - Electronic Invoicing & Payment

With EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), invoices and payments are transferred electronically between your company and PGE. Your account data is transmitted and processed in minutes – with no human intervention. Get Started with EDI.

PGE mobile app

Life is busy, and we want to make it easier for you to do business with us. The PGE app for Android and iPhone is the simplest way to pay a bill, report an outage, and customize alerts.

Don’t get scammed

PGE employees will never ask you for payment information over the phone.