Clean is possible – and easier than you might think

Support sustainable energy

Did you know that when you use more of your energy during low-demand times it helps us use more renewable sources to power you? Plus, you could pay less for that energy!

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Get money back on your bill

Peak Time Rebates rewards you with savings on your bill for shifting your energy use away from peak times. You decide how many Peak Time Events to participate in. It’s free to join and a great choice if you don’t have a smart thermostat.

Your thermostat does the work. You get the rewards.

The Smart Thermostat program uses your Wi-Fi-connected thermostat and auto adjusts it by a few degrees during Peak Time Events. You’re always in control of your comfort. Sit back, relax, and let your smart thermostat take care of the rest.

Hey businesses, clean energy is just minutes away

Several small businesses have taken advantage of our free 15-minute energy consultation and have already begun their clean energy journey. They’re saving money and being sustainable, too. How about your business?

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