Customer Success

Our experienced professionals support many successful commercial and industrial enterprise customers in meeting their energy needs.

Reliable, sustainable energy at stable, affordable prices – what's not to love?

It’s no surprise our business customers consistently rank our power quality and reliability among the best in the nation. We also meet or beat global SEMI F47 standards PGE set by the semiconductor industry. And for businesses that host energy-critical manufacturing facilities or data centers, we offer reliability throughout the region to ensure uninterrupted service and peace of mind. Plus, it's less expensive to do business in Oregon. There's no sales tax, and our energy prices are nationally competitive – half the price of California.

PGE lived up to their reputation for great service by meeting our needs and timelines. This, and their power reliability record, are two important reasons we chose our site in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Phillip Brown, Vice President of Acquisitions, Majestic Realty Co.

Save time and money with programs tailored for your business

We'll connect you with programs across the PGE organization to create streamlined services and deliver energy solutions that help you achieve your goals, now and in the future.

Green Future Impact

sources up to 100% of your electricity from a new wind or solar facility in Oregon at a low price.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging

helps cover the installation cost to keep your fleet, employees’ or customers’ vehicles charged and ready.

Energy Partner

pays you to reduce or shift usage when regional energy is in high demand and you are able to cut back.

Energy efficiency incentives

from the Energy Trust of Oregon pay rebates and come along with free Savings Checkup from PGE to target the best savings values for you.

Dispatchable Standby Generation

lets PGE maintain your backup generators and cover your fuel costs so they’re available for system resiliency.

Energy Tracker

helps track and save energy at no cost to you. Energy Expert provides in-depth analysis, notifications, easy access to energy information and 15-minute interval data.

Self-Direct Option

lets you dedicate a portion of your bill payments toward purchasing renewable energy.

We power all kinds of Oregon businesses

From manufacturing to food production to data centers, commercial and enterprise businesses of all kinds are turning to Portland General to power their work.

Manufacturing: Outstanding power quality and savings

Our region’s economy is solidly based in manufacturing, and PGE powers over 75% of Oregon’s manufacturing output. We have the experience it takes to help you build and operate lean manufacturing facilities for everything from wood products to metals or plastics. In addition, our outstanding power quality will be there to ensure that your equipment, whether sophisticated AI or CNC tools to standard pumps or lighting, are running when you need them. And, our energy efficiency experts can provide free Savings Checkup to help you identify ways to save money for your manufacturing business.

Food Production: Sustainable energy and innovative technology

Our region of Oregon produces over 200 different agricultural commodities. We serve food and beverage processors who cook, freeze, and dry all kinds of crops, from hazelnuts to wine grapes. Our local supply chain supports producers by focusing on your needs to power new innovations in equipment and agricultural technologies, including food packaging and cold storage. We deliver the energy your food processing business demands and help you support a sustainable farming environment with renewable and efficient resources.

Data Centers: Clean energy at competitive prices

Data center developers are flocking to our region, which is a hot spot for hyperscale and enterprise data center facilities due to abundant clean energy sources, business friendly tax incentives, reliable power at competitive prices, and access to undersea fiber-optic cables. We partner with data centers along their entire energy journey to meet their energy goals, whether it’s 100% renewable, getting to carbon free or bringing in a new solar or wind facility to power their facility with clean energy.

All-inclusive pricing

PGE’s cost of service for industrial loads includes the cost of energy, delivery, taxes and fees. At 6.5 to 7.5 cents per kWh, our current industrial price is half that of California. We relentlessly and skillfully manage power costs to insulate you from market volatility.

Customer Resilience

Count on us to keep you running

Microgrids, battery storage and other solutions combine to provide our customers with clean and resilient power.

Design Your Electrical Service with PGE

Get to market quickly. Use power wisely. Thrive.

The experts on our Engineering and Design Team will work closely with your team on a detailed service plan and schedule to meet your project’s specific needs at any site you choose. We are experienced working with communities to site and construct new substations and other electrical equipment on accelerated timelines. Our robust electric distribution system is designed for the most timely outage restoration when needed. 

“Whether it’s an existing business seeking to expand or a new business investing in the area, we can depend on the PGE team to be there to listen to their needs and deliver solutions.”
– Erik Andersson, CEO, Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR)

Stable, Affordable Pricing

We manage market risk so you don’t have to

We work hard to keep prices stable and affordable with annual price adjustments to keep prices predictable throughout the year.

And, we manage market risk so you don’t have to:

  • We own our generating plants

  • We have a diverse power supply mix

  • We carefully layer purchasing to mitigate spikes in the market

Current PGE prices for large industrial customers are approximately 6.5 to 7.5 cents per kWh, inclusive of all taxes and fees. That’s well below the national average for investor-owned utilities*.

For detailed pricing and pricing history, see our pricing plans.

*U.S. IOU average pricing data from Edison Electric Institute.

“From the people who helped us find this property and retrofit the building, to the PGE crew meeting our electrical needs and schedule, we couldn’t be happier. We’re growing with a region of strong businesses that live and breathe innovation."
– Zach Shuholm, General Manager of Cascade Poly Pipe & Conduit (pictured with his father, Mark Shuholm, owner of Cascade Poly Pipe)

Sustainability Leadership

Working towards a clean energy future

We aim to achieve companywide net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. To meet this goal, we’ll transform every part of our business: from the power we supply to our customers, to the vehicles we drive, to the materials we purchase, to how we operate our buildings.

Along the way, we will continue to keep electricity reliable and affordable. We’re confident that, working together with our customers and communities, we will reduce emissions and continue building Oregon’s clean energy future.

“One of the primary reasons our data center clients are drawn to the area is because of PGE’s reliability and readily available power in region. PGE’s business development team has provided fantastic customer service and support to us at JLL and our data center clients over the years. The peace of mind knowing we have PGE as a partner in our efforts to service our clients is invaluable.”
Eric Haskins, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc.

Construction Services

Financing options for builders

PGE provides several options to help cover your capital costs to extend or upgrade electrical service:

  • Line Extension Allowances – PGE covers part of your cost for construction labor and materials; the amount is based on your projected annual use

  • Cost sharing options for back-up power, renewable sources, demand response and electric vehicle charging

The cost of service pathway, underground infrastructure, reserved capacity or construction of redundant feeders are borne by the customer.

Let’s meet the future together

We’re PGE, your trusted energy partner. We own, operate and deliver our energy, which keeps energy prices stable. You can build with peace of mind knowing that our reliable power will reduce your operational risks. And, we're investing in the power grid, diverse renewable resources, power quality and new energy solutions because we are thinking about your future.

We’re about meeting your needs and your schedule. Are you ready to get started?