Clean Energy Choices for Home

Find the plan that’s the best match for your goals.

Choose from a menu of clean energy options. There’s something for everyone.

Renewable energy options

A little or a lot, we’ve got you powered.

Be part of the clean energy future with a mix of renewable power that meets your needs. With Basic Service you’re already using renewable sources. Add a little more or go fully renewable with one of our Green Future℠ renewable power options.

Explore Green Future options

Electric vehicles & charging

Switch to electric fuel for clean, sustainable and affordable driving

When you drive an EV, you drive a clean energy future. What makes that fresh air feel even better? Hundreds of zero-emissions miles per charge and 1/3 the cost to own and operate.

You’re ready, already

So let's get started with PGE+. From EV charger selection, installation and instant rebates when you sign up for our Smart Charging program, PGE+ takes the guesswork out of charging at home.

Free-range vehicle

With more than 1,000 publicly available charging stations in Oregon alone, the open road is calling. Recharge on the go or possibly in your neighborhood as we're working to make EV chargers more accessible for everyone.

Generate your own power

Everything you need to know to install solar or wind on your property.

We’re not the only ones producing an Oregon kind of energy. Grab your sunglasses and let’s talk about installing solar panels on your roof and more.

Thinking about installing solar? Good! We can help.

Many people are discovering the benefits that come from adding solar panels onto their property. The process is not as daunting as you might think.

There are often incentives available to substantially offset the costs of installing solar or wind. Find out what sort of payback period you might be looking at.

The sun is shining. The panels are installed. Now what?

With your panels connected to PGE’s grid, you’ll be receiving credit for all the power they generate. That’s the beauty of solar. You just sit back, relax and let the sun do the work.

Community Solar

The Oregon Community Solar Program is a new offering that brings small solar projects to communities throughout the state. Best of all, it’s available to everyone, even if you rent your home or lease your business space.

The future looks bright

Here’s what we are doing to create a clean energy future.

Save energy and money

Here’s how to get your energy bill under control and save money while you’re at it.