Energy savings: Tips that add up

Now more than ever, every little bit counts.

Many of the energy saving tips that apply to your home also apply to your business, with one big difference: The savings can be even more substantial. Here are some easy-to-implement energy savers that can immediately help your bottom line.

  • Install smart thermostats to automatically adjust the temperature according to building use and occupancy. Consider our Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program, which gives you free smart thermostats, free installation and cash rewards.

  • Switch to LED lighting and lighting controls like occupancy sensors to dramatically reduce lighting costs. Lighting is one of the biggest energy users in many businesses. And incentives can slash the cost to upgrade.

  • Reduce water heating to 120 degrees.

  • Turn off lights, computers and other electronics when not in use for extended periods.

  • For manufacturing, replace old motors with high-efficiency models, install variable-speed drives on motors if full power is not always required, and optimize compressed air systems and repair air leaks.

If you’re not sure what to do first or have questions about what’s right for your business, we can help with a free Savings Checkup over the phone or in person (COVID-19 compliant). You may be surprised at how small changes can add up to big savings.