Innovative Energy

We're constantly developing new ways to bring you more efficient, reliable and renewable energy.
Energy Innovation

We've always been innovators. The first long-distance transmission of power in the nation? That was us. Back in 1889, from Willamette Falls to Portland. We're still imagining what energy production, storage and transmission could look like, and how to make it cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable. Want to be inspired? Here are a few of the innovative energy projects we are working on today.

Smart Grid Test Bed

This is where community members help us test solutions to some of our region's most pressing energy challenges.

Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility

The first major renewable energy facility in the U.S. to co-locate wind and solar generation with battery storage.

Energy Storage

We’re exploring how to store renewable energy so we can use more of it to provide consistent, reliable power.

Customer Resilience

Microgrids, battery storage and other solutions, combined to provide customers with clean and ultra-resilient power.

Electric Island

A heavy-duty electric truck charging site to support the commercial adaptation of electric vehicles.

Grid Improvements

We're updating our equipment to make it more reliable and compatible with renewable energy sources.