Shoreline Management

PGE and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs developed a Shoreline Management Plan to manage shoreline structures on Lake Billy Chinook near our Pelton Round Butte Hydropower Project. The plan was developed with input from a Shoreline Management Working Group, which includes private property owners, agencies and other local stakeholders. The goal of the Shoreline Management Working Group is to provide guidance that prioritizes the protection of public health and safety of the shoreline. Additionally, the group strives to strike a careful balance between the interest of landowners, recreational users and the hydropower project operators.

For questions regarding shoreline management or the permitting process, please email

Permit information

Anyone with a private shoreline structure (dock, wave abatement structure, swim platform or mooring buoy) on these reservoirs must obtain a Shoreline Structure Permit, which is a formal agreement between the structure owner and PGE. These permits require shoreline structures to remain in safe working condition and do not interfere with the operation of dams on the Deschutes River or restrict public access to the reservoirs.

Note: In 2023, PGE revised its Shoreline Management Plan, so all permit holders - existing and new - must sign and return their new permit(s) to PGE along with proof of compliance with insurance requirements.

New shoreline structure permits must be signed and mailed back to PGE, with the required proof of insurance. Mail to the following address:

Shoreline Management

Portland General Electric Company

33831 E. Faraday Road 

Estacada, OR  97023

Learn more about the 2023 changes to permits and the Shoreline Management Plan PGE.

Resources & Documents

Consistent with previously issued shoreline structure permits, landowners must comply with all local, state and federal regulations. To streamline the process for permit requests, PGE will share your existing permit information or application materials with Jefferson County for review. Generally, materials submitted to PGE will also meet the requirements for Jefferson County. However, if the county requires additional materials or has any questions, they will contact the applicant directly.

Changes in land ownership

Permit holders are responsible for notifying PGE of any change to the identity or address of the landowner of a permitted structure, such as when a parcel with a permitted structure is sold to a new landowner. For existing permitted structures, a new permit will be issued to the new landowner.

Selling your property? Let us know at We will follow up with the new owners to complete the process.

Refill/drawdown schedule

Lake Billy Chinook’s reservoir level fluctuates depending on power demands, license conditions, and regulatory requirements. Check out the latest reservoir information and the refill/drawdown schedule.

USGS - Lake Billy Chinook PGE

Recreation opportunities and resources

Wake On. Wake Responsibly.

To address growing concern about the impact of wake boat surfing and the large waves produced by these specific boats on Lake Billy Chinook, PGE has collaborated with private landowners, local boat retailers, state agencies and local stakeholders to support the "Wake On. Wake Responsibly." campaign initiated by the Water Sports Industry Association.

Know before you go: is my boat or activity appropriate for the busy times at the lake?

  • Minimize repetitive passes and stay 200 feet away from marinas, boat launches, houseboats and private structures.

  • Throttle down before turning around, avoid weighted power turns.

  • Do note tube, wakeboard, or wake surf near the water ski course or 10 mph zones.

Learn more about the guidelines and Lake Billy Chinook Boater Education Program.