All paths lead to a clean energy future.

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Journey Lineworkers

The $25,000 signing bonus is just the beginning. Our Journey Lineworkers play a critical role in powering Oregon. They are first responders, restoring power and reconnecting our customers. 

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Construction Project Manager

We're seeking a skilled Project Manager to oversee a diverse portfolio of utility projects, spanning substation, transmission, facilities, communication, generation, and interconnection. Your expertise in budgeting, scheduling, RFPs, bid processes, and contractor management will be crucial. If you thrive in delivering complex electric utility projects with a customer-centric approach, let's chat.

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Relay Protection Engineer

As a Relay Protection Engineer, you will be at the heart of our mission to detect and rectify abnormal power system conditions, ensuring the continuous and reliable delivery of electricity. This role offers a unique blend of technical challenges, innovation, and the opportunity to influence the future of power system protection. 

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Who we are

Portland General Electric is an investor owned utility (NYSE: POR) based in Portland, Oregon. We serve customers in and around the Portland and Salem Metropolitan areas, delivering a new kind of energy. One that energizes lives, strengthens communities and drives enhancements that promote social, economic and environmental progress.

Why choose PGE?

Many people who come to work at PGE tend to stay at PGE. Maybe it’s all the different career paths and possibilities. Maybe it’s the customers we serve. Who knows? But one thing’s for certain, PGE is a very special place to work.

Our Purpose

At PGE, you can create a better future for yourself and for Oregon. Come Work With Us.

Our Customer Team

At PGE, you can create an exciting role as an energy consultant to our customers. Come work with us and find out just how meaningful that can be.

Our Culture

At PGE, you can create a better future for yourself and for Oregon. Come work with us and find out how positive experience a career can be.


At PGE, we know life isn’t all about work, work, work. Our benefits will help provide the support you need to be your best self as you serve our customers and our communities. We’ve designed our benefits to keep you, and your family thrive across multiple dimensions of health- physical, emotional, financial and social. We're proud to provide these valuable advantages. Browse options PGE

Our Hiring Process

You’ve chosen an exciting time to pursue a career at Portland General Electric. Below is our general hiring process so that you can best prepare yourself. Our process is role based and may vary slightly. Our team is happy to help you along the way! We strive to let each applicant know the status of their candidacy using Workday. You can check the status of your application in your candidate home at any time. Please note that we may get a lot of applications depending on the role and interest.

To be considered for a position, you must submit your resume/application electronically for each specific job posting you are interested in. If there is not a position posted that you are interested in, you can set a Job Alert. Creating a Job Alert allows you to be notified by email of new opportunities that match your search criteria. During the application, you will answer several role-specific questions that will showcase how your background potentially aligns with our hiring criteria, and you'll provide a resume to demonstrate the work you've done elsewhere. Cover letters are not required but can be helpful if you are switching careers, open to relocating, or otherwise not covered in your resume and application. After you apply, you will receive an email confirmation from our online system Workday letting you know your application was received.

After a PGE recruiter reviews the applications, they will reach out to the top candidates and schedule a call that is typically around 30 minutes to discuss a high-level overview of your experience and your motivation for making a job change. We will verbally dive into your accomplishments, skills, and characteristics, and you will learn more about the role, the challenges it solves, and what working on the team might look like. We will also share more information about our excellent total rewards package specific to the role as well as get a sense for your salary expectations. This is also your opportunity to ask questions about the role or team that are important to you! If you are not one of the candidates invited to a phone screen, you will receive an email through Workday notifying you.

If you are invited to an interview, our PGE recruiters will share additional details with you on how many interviewers will be on the panel, how many rounds of interviews, and any other specifics you will need. Your interview may be over video, in person, or a combination thereof, depending on the role. In the interviews, you'll do a deep dive into your technical skills that are directly related to the role and demonstrate your acumen in your domain. These strategic conversations are with folks whom you would be working alongside and cross-collaboratively with. We know you are also interviewing us, so time is built into the interview for you to ask the panel questions. Pro-tip: Check out for more info on our company which will help you prepare for your interview!

Assessments are role-specific, so not all positions require them.  Online assessments are required for Customer Service Advisor roles and Generation Plant Technicians.

You have wowed us, and we are thinking this could be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial career with PGE. We will give you an offer and benefits package that is highly competitive in the market, and we truly hope that you'll accept!

As a federally regulated utility, we require a drug-screen as a condition of your employment which must be completed within 48 hours after an offer is accepted. While marijuana is legal in OR, our drug screens go by federal guidelines. Physical assessments are role specific and only for roles that require physical demands such as a Lineman, Mechanic or Substation Operator.  A physical may include bloodwork, audiogram, pulmonary function test, and/or a stress treadmill test or a combination of these.

We use a third-party vendor to run criminal background checks on all legal and alias names. Employment and education verification is also a condition of employment. For roles that require driving, a motor vehicle record request is also pulled as part of the background check.

Most new hires join us on their first day at the World Trade Center located in downtown Portland. However, since we have a service territory that stretches throughout Oregon some roles will begin at their respective work locations. Regardless of where you step foot in the door, you can expect orientation to be a full-day experience where we provide the necessary tools for you to get started.

Let’s get started

Are you ready to join our team? Here’s where you’ll find all our current job listings. Or if you’ve already applied, you can check the status of your application.

And now a word from our lawyers

PGE is an equal opportunity employer: Portland General Electric Company provides equal employment opportunity to current employees, applicants for employment, individuals with disabilities, and protected and disabled veterans. The Company does not discriminate in its hiring and promotion practices on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity, or genetic information. PGE does not accept unsolicited resumes/applications.