People. Planet. Performance.

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PGE’s Sustainability Report

At PGE, sustainability is rooted in three things: people, planet and performance.


We focus on caring for, and delivering on what matters most to our customers, employees and neighbors. By doing this, we create economic development and a sustainable business model that balances the interests of the people we serve.


We love and respect this beautiful place we call home which is why we consider the planet a primary stakeholder in all we do. This means our planning is not just focused on the needs of today, but how the needs of today will impact our planet for generations to come.


Everyday, we come to work to deliver safe, reliable and affordable power to our customers. And we’re leading the way in providing cleaner, smarter and more secure energy solutions that deliver value to our customers, shareholders and community.

Five pillars of sustainability

Sustainability is about much more than clean energy or a healthy environment. At PGE, we believe it’s about helping Oregonians continue to grow, nurturing our natural resources and enhancing our quality of life.

This idea is embodied by our “Five Pillars of Sustainability,” a set of principles that help us work toward a better Oregon, rooted in our past.

Learn about the 5 pillars