5 Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability is about much more than clean energy or a healthy environment

PGE’s Sustainability Report

Customer value

We connect customers to what matters, but it goes beyond providing safe, reliable, affordable service. We also give customers choices. By putting the wants and needs of customers first, we support their energy needs now, and into the future.

Key areas: empowered and satisfied customers, safety, reasonable prices and reliable electricity

Environmental footprint

We feel lucky to live and work in a place as beautiful as Oregon. To make sure it stays that way for generations to come, we’re restoring natural areas, helping pass environmental legislation, reducing our carbon emissions and more.

Key areas: Air quality, water quality, habitat, land and waste management

Quality workforce

Our team energizes our shared future. Powering a safe, valued and engaged workforce ensures we are able to support our region’s energy needs today and into the future. By investing in our people, we create opportunities for employees to grow personally and professionally in a diverse and dynamic workplace.

Key areas: Safety and health, engaged employees, skilled workforce and CTE-STEM training (Career Technical Education and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Responsible management

We work hard to manage risks and operate the company to help customers achieve a more secure future. Whether it’s our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, prepare for natural disasters or improve cyber security – we’re doing everything we can to address the challenges of tomorrow while efficiently managing our costs today.

Key areas: enterprise risk management, stable prices, shareholder return, corporate governance, cyber security and resiliency

Strong communities

By investing where we live and work, we are engaged in helping the community solve issues that move us toward a safer, healthier and thriving Oregon where every individual can reach their full potential.

Key areas: community investment, economic development and public safe