Smart Grid Test Bed EV Charging Study FAQs

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We’re working to better understand how and when customers charge their vehicles, and how we can collaborate to optimize charging schedules. The study will explore how PGE can ensure vehicles are charged at optimal times for customers and the energy grid while always delivering the desired state of charge to the customer when they need it.

A. You'll start receiving your $20 monthly bill credit on your next PGE bill once your enrollment has been confirmed.

Yes, you need to be enrolled in EV Smart Charging to participate in the Test Bed study.

The study will continue through December 2024. Once enrolled, you’ll remain enrolled throughout the duration of the study, but you can unenroll at any time.

Enrollments will remain open until the study’s cap of 250 participants is reached.

To unenroll in the study, simply email with your request and we’ll process your unenrollment. Note that once unenrolled, you will stop receiving the $20 monthly bill credit for participating in the study and you will not be eligible to re-enroll.

When you enroll in the Test Bed EV Charging Study, you will begin receiving a monthly $20 bill credit. This is in addition to the $50 enrollment incentive and the $25 seasonal bill credits for participating in PGE’s Smart Charging Program powered by evPulse.

The study is limited to 250 participants. If funding availability changes, this cap will be reevaluated, and qualifying customers will be notified of the opportunity to enroll.

You may enroll up to 2 Teslas per household in the standard PGE Smart Charging program and the Test Bed EV Charging Study.

The Smart Grid Test Bed facilitates various demonstrations that test smart grid technology and customer programs that help PGE use more sustainable resources, keep energy prices lower, and invest in future projects that create Oregon jobs and a healthier environment. The study projects within the Smart Grid Test Bed have different geographical boundaries and participation requirements; check out the main Smart Grid Test Bed webpage to see what we’re working on.

The vehicle communications platform that we are using supports Tesla for this type of advanced charge optimization. If you have a different electric vehicle and a level 2 charger installed at your home, check to see if you qualify for any of PGE’s other EV programs on the EV Smart Charging program webpage.

The Test Bed boundary is based on the local electricity distribution networks (feeders) that have the highest density of Tesla owners.

Yes! Click here to learn more about how automatic smart charging works.

The Test Bed EV Charging Study goes one step further than the standard Smart Charging program. In the standard Smart Charging program, PGE will avoid vehicle charging during peak times while still ensuring you always maintain your desired state of charge by your desired ready-by time. In the Test Bed EV Charging Study, vehicle charging is optimized not only to keep charging costs low but also to support grid resilience. You shouldn’t notice anything different when enrolled in both options. Simply set your charging preferences on your evPulse dashboard, plug in your vehicle, and we’ll handle the rest. As long as you stay plugged in, you’ll always have the charge you need as you sit back and collect the rewards.

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