PGE expands program to help income-qualified customers with electric bills, now offering discounts up to 60%

Another 85,000 customers may be eligible to enroll

Feb. 26, 2024

PORTLAND, Ore. — To better meet the needs of customers, Portland General Electric has expanded its expanded its Income-Qualified Bill Discount (IQBD) program to now provide up to a 60% monthly energy discount to customers who qualify based on income level.

PGE was the first large utility in Oregon to provide income-based assistance, launching the IQBD program in 2022, with initial discounts up to 25%. At the start of 2024, PGE expanded the program, offering more substantial discounts and aiming to enroll more customers based on projected need.

“Energy is essential, and PGE is committed to serving everyone reliable and affordable power,” said Michaela Lynn, Senior Director of Customer Service. “The IQBD has an easy enrollment process and was designed to result in meaningful assistance. We encourage all who qualify to sign up today.”

Since the end of 2022, participation in the discount program has grown by 65%, with more than 75,000 customers currently enrolled. PGE estimates that another 85,000 customers may meet program criteria based on income level.

Customers have described what the bill discount program means to them:

“Being able to participate in this program as a single mother of three kids has relieved so much stress when it comes to paying my electric bill. It also gives me the ability to feel comfortable and safe and reassured that my kids will have the electricity and the warmth of our home as needed. Greatly appreciate this program.”

“The IQBD has offered me peace of mind by relieving some financial burden, allowing me to turn on an additional space heater so I don't have to walk around my home wearing two coats during winter months.”

“As a single Mom who earns a little above the mark to receive SNAP benefits, it helps me to feel ‘seen.’ Thank You!”

“Lowering my electric bill leaves us with more money for necessities like food and medicine.”

“Thank you, the IQBD has helped put food back on the table and has helped to ease the struggles of monthly living as rent and other costs of living continue to climb dramatically.”

Eligibility is based on household size and average annual gross income. Customers are invited to apply through a simple enrollment process on PGE’s website or by calling customer service at 503-228-6322. Information is available in 15 languages. PGE representatives are also available to speak PGE at community events, schools and other local organizations to help spread the word to more community members who may qualify.

In addition to IQBD enrollment, PGE customers can access payment extensions, payment plans and community resources online or by talking to a customer service advisor. Customers can also go online to find tips, free tools and discounts to help them save energy and money.

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