Be part of the change

Explore your clean energy options and choose one that works for you

You’ve told us what’s important – make energy reliable, make it affordable and make it clean. We’re on it!

We’re bringing more and more renewable sources into the mix, offering programs that help you manage your energy and provide you with clean energy options that are easy to use and feel good about. From a little to a lot, here’s some great ways you can make it clean.

3 more ways to make it clean

There are lots of great ways to get involved in a cleaner, better tomorrow. However you choose, you’ll be a part of an enthusiastic community of wise energy champions.

Shift for rewards

What’s the best energy shifting program to help you save on your bill and support a clean energy future?

Take our simple quiz to find out!

Shift energy to support renewables

Did you know that shifting your energy use to certain times of day when demand is lower helps us use more renewable sources to power you? Plus, you could pay less for that energy!

Check out our new Time of Day pricing plan.

Save energy this summer

Add air conditioning this summer and enjoy more efficient heating next winter with a heat pump!

Electric Car Charging

Switch to electric fuel for clean, sustainable and affordable driving

When you electrify your ride with an EV, you drive us closer to a clean energy future. With hundreds of zero-emissions miles per charge and 1/3 the cost to own and operate, driving an EV lets you breathe a little easier.

Hey businesses! Clean energy is just minutes away

Many small businesses have taken advantage of our free 15-minute energy Savings Checkup and have already begun their clean energy journey. They’re saving money and being sustainable, too. What about your business?

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