Energy Choices for Business

You have choices when it comes to your power

Need help with your power options? Contact your PGE representative or call PGE Business Services at 800-822-1077.

How do you want your energy?

If your business uses at least 31 kW per month and is on Schedules 83, 85 or 89, you’ll want to consider Clean Wind for Commercial & Industrial or Green Future Impact. If your business uses less than 31kW per month and you’re not on Schedules 83, 85 or 89, consider our other programs below.

Standard Service

On Standard Service, your electricity price equals your actual usage each month billed at the Basic Service rate. 

Your bill also includes a base charge, distribution costs and required adjustments

Pricing is based directly on the cost to provide electric service and is regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission. For details, see our tariff


If your small business uses most of its electricity at night and on weekends, our Time of Use plan may lower your electricity costs. 

You pay different rates for electricity you use depending on the time of day, day of week and season. 

Our cost for energy is typically lower at times when demand for energy is lowest – and we pass that savings on to you. 


Did you know you can purchase your power from an alternate service provider, or switch to PGE’s daily market pricing? Either way, PGE still provides the reliability and service you depend on.

Renewable programs for small & medium-sized businesses

When you sign up for one of PGE’s Green Future options, you’re joining a community of more than 225,000 other PGE participants who support local, renewable power. 

We offer a variety of options to make it easy for you to choose clean renewable power. Together, we can make a real impact. 

Renewable programs for industrial, enterprise and municipalities

Clean Wind Commercial & Industrial

PGE’s Clean Wind renewable power program for large commercial and industrial business customers. 

Green Future Impact

Green Future Impact offers large nonresidential customers the opportunity to source up to 100% of their electricity from a new wind or solar facility in Oregon, adding up to 300 MW of clean energy to PGE’s system.