Don’t just make your yard greener – make it cleaner.

Electrify your yard

If you’re looking for a great way to make your yard greener, start with your yard tools. Old gas-powered yard equipment like mowers and blowers pump out large volumes of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds. Some even emit more than a car.* Plus, they’re noisy.

Electric yard tools on the other hand are quieter and produce zero emissions. No more noise. No more air pollution! And no gas means no hassles… like running out of gas or spilling it. No more pulling and pulling on the starter trying to fire up your mower after it’s been sitting in the shed all winter. No more yelling and cursing. Yes, change is good!

It’s time to go electric

All of the sudden doing yard work is no longer a chore, it’s an exercise in doing the right thing. Your yard will thank you. The environment will thank you. And, given how quiet they are, even your neighbors will thank you.

They’re clean

Let’s face it, old gas yard tools aren’t exactly clean. On the other hand, electric tools produce zero emissions and don’t directly contribute to your local air pollution. Electric tools require no gas or oil, so there is no risk of spilling gas, no running out of gas in the middle of a project, no need to store or dispose of old gas and oil, and no risk of smelling like gas or exhaust when you’re finished.

They’re quiet

Anyone who’s ever heard the peaceful early morning sounds of birds chirping being replaced by the loud, obnoxious roar of a gas-powered yard tool will immediately fall in love with electric ones. Electric tools are much quieter, meaning you can comfortably use them without wearing hearing protection. Plus, their easy setup makes them hassle free.

They’re cordless

Look Mom, no cords! New, electric yard tools are powerful and use rechargeable battery packs. Simply plug the battery power pack into the tool and get to work. No more struggling with cords and no need to winterize your yard tools at the end of the season.

Clean air. Clean water. Clean energy. Yeah, we want it all.

Which is why we’re on a mission to make energy clean. That means bringing more renewable energy sources into the mix, offering programs that help you manage your energy and providing clean energy options that are easy to choose. You’ve told us what’s important – make energy reliable, make it affordable and make it clean. We’re on it!