Existing PGE Suppliers

Learn about PGE’s key policies for contractors and suppliers

For existing PGE suppliers

We are proud of the network of contractors and suppliers who help us fulfill our mission with our customers.

If you have any questions about these policies or documents, reach out to the buyer or contact listed on your purchase order.

PGE Third Party Risk Management

To help strengthen Portland General Electric’s relationship with our suppliers, manage risk and ensure compliance with mandated laws and regulations, PGE has implemented a Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program. Suppliers doing work deemed high-risk are required to comply with the TPRM program requirements.

The TPRM program requirements vary depending upon the risk(s) that apply to a given supplier, and we may seek additional information and insight from you in some or more of the following areas:

  • Cyber security information, practices, and posture

  • Safety statistics, safety culture practices and procedures

  • Financial performance and solvency

  • Regulatory requirements, including FERC/NERC Standards

  • Material quality standards and practices

  • Environmental performance and impacts

  • Social, judicial and market findings

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery practices

Thank you!

PGE Purchase Order & Invoicing Process – Coupa

At PGE, we use Coupa as our procurement system. There are two ways to receive purchase orders and send invoices with Coupa.

Option 1: Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is the preferred method – an online portal that allows you to view purchase orders and send invoices within Coupa. To start using the CSP:

  • Send a request to join CSP to SupplierEngagement@pgn.com and include the individual's email address who will be your account administrator.

  • Your designated administrator will receive an email link to join the PGE Coupa system and add or invite users to see purchase orders or process invoices.

  • The below CSP Reference Guide will walk you through the process.

Option 2: Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN). With this option, you receive purchase orders via email. The email includes a way for you to send an invoice directly through the purchase order notification by clicking on Create Invoice.

  • If you’re good with this option, no further action is needed.

  • See the below SAN Reference Guide for a step-by-step process overview.

We value your support and look forward to continuing to work with you. If you have questions about the options listed above, please contact us at SupplierEngagement@pgn.com.

Note:  For additional help with questions about the supplier portal, see Coupa FAQ’s here:  https://supplier.coupa.com/help/faqs/ PGE.