Smart Water Heater Rewards

Keep comfortable and earn rebates on your PGE bill

As a perk from the PGE Smart Grid Test Bed, you can save energy and earn rebates by participating in our smart water heater pilot.

Without lifting a finger, you'll receive PGE bill credits all year. It’s easy – your water heater does all the work and you get all the rewards!

How it works

The most common electric water heater stores 50 gallons of hot water for immediate use. Depending on your make and model, PGE can use your water heater like a battery, communicating wirelessly to shift the heating of your water to a time of the day or night when energy demand is lower. You will always have hot water when you need it and your water heater will simply turn back on if you need hot water during a peak time.

The power of we starts with me

When you use energy matters and having your water heater automatically shift some of your energy use away from peak times makes a difference. Balancing energy helps us use more sustainable resources, lowering costs and providing you with reliable energy.

Not at all. You will enjoy plenty of hot water and won’t notice a difference – except energy savings and money back on your PGE bill!

You shouldn’t notice any difference in your service or availability of hot water.

You’ll earn $1 for every kilowatt-hour of energy shifted during a Peak Time Event. Your earnings will show up as a credit on your PGE bill each month, and by the end of the first year on the program, you could earn up to $25!

We’re here to help

Do you have questions about the program or the PGE Smart Grid Test Bed? We’d be glad to answer them. Contact us at, and we’ll walk you through everything.