Smart Solar Study FAQ

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PGE wants to better understand how customer-owned solar systems can help contribute to a stronger and more reliable electricity grid. Currently, smart inverters can communicate with utility signals; this study will explore how PGE can optimize that connectivity to benefit the surrounding community.

The study will continue through December 2024. Once enrolled, you’ll remain enrolled throughout the duration of the study, but you can unenroll at any time.

The Smart Grid Test Bed facilitates various projects to test smart grid technology and customer programs that help PGE use more sustainable resources, keep energy prices lower, and invest in future projects that create Oregon jobs and a healthier environment. The study projects within the Smart Grid Test Bed have different geographical boundaries and participation requirements; check out the main webpage to see what we’re working on.

The Test Bed Smart Solar Study boundary was defined based on the local electricity distribution networks (feeders) that would most benefit from improving the interaction with customer-owned smart inverter equipment. In addition, these feeders were selected because they have the highest number of qualifying solar smart inverters installed.

Currently only customers located within our testbed boundary that have an Enphase IQ7 or Enphase IQ8 system or a qualified SolarEdge system installed may participate. If new solar inverter manufacturers are added to the qualified products list, we will reach out to customers with that equipment installed.

This study should not noticeably impact the total amount of electricity generated via your rooftop solar array nor should it impact your power quality. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to unenroll from the study, please email us at

We are hoping to learn more about the value customer-owned smart inverters can provide to the energy grid, so you and your neighbors continue to receive reliable, flexible, and sustainably-produced electricity.

Customers enrolled in the Dispatchable Standby Generation program, or the Solar Payment Option program do not qualify for the Test Bed Smart Solar Study.

Once enrolled in the study, you will receive a $250 check delivered by mail from Energy Trust of Oregon plus a $10 monthly credit on your PGE bill for as long as you remain on the program through December 2024.