Planning for Peak Time Events

Having a successful Peak Time Rebates season is easy! It’s all about shifting your energy use away from those times when energy is in high demand.

Ready, Set, Save

Once you’re enrolled, we’ll contact you by text or email with upcoming Peak Time Event notifications. The day before and the day of a Peak Time Event, you'll get a notification about when it will start and end and how you can reduce your energy use with simple changes.

Get answers to Peak Time Rebates questions.

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When are Peak Time Events called?

During the winter season, events can happen either in the morning (7 to 11 a.m.) or early evening (4 to 8 p.m.). Each event usually lasts two to five hours. When you join Peak Time Rebates you’re always notified by email and/or text before each event. It's your preference on how you wish to receive event notifications.

How to shift and reduce energy use during Peak Time Events

Regardless of how much you save, when everyone works together to shift their energy consumption, it helps use more sustainable energy resources, lowering costs and continuing to provide you with reliable energy. Your participation is completely voluntary and there’s no cost to be a part of Peak Time Rebates.

Get savings tips

These are ways to reduce your energy use during Peak Time Events and live an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Check the list

This handy checklist makes it easy to reduce your energy use during peak times. 

Get the family involved

Use this activity sheet to get the whole family looking for ways to save energy. 

How are Peak Time Rebates calculated?

Your energy use “baseline” is calculated from your average use over the past 10 days for the same hours of the day as the Peak Time Event. This excludes weekends, holidays and any other past Peak Time Event days. You can earn $1 for every kilowatt hour (kWh) you reduce below that baseline during the Peak Time Event. 

Stay safe

During Peak Time Events, your health and safety should always come first. On extremely cold winter days, please be sure to keep the temperature in your home safe by exercising discretion during Peak Time Events. Consider health impacts when reducing energy use.

There is no cost to you to enroll in Peak Time Rebates. Your electric bill will be calculated based on your energy use and may go up or down based on how much electricity you use.