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Businesses like yours can count on the advice of our Energy Experts to help you save time, energy and money. Our free and comprehensive Energy Savings Checkups are a great way to help your business access savings, incentives and rewards. All it takes is 15 minutes, and you'll be on your way to being a Good Energy Business!

Most businesses have something in common...

...they all use energy. And for some, it’s their largest expense. So, you might think that all of us at PGE would be happy about that. After all, the more energy a business uses, the more money we make.

Right? Well, the truth of the matter is we’re constantly looking for ways for businesses to use less energy and to make sure the energy they do use comes from affordable, reliable and renewable sources. In fact, we have a dedicated Energy Expert team that helps businesses do just that.

Tips to help your business save this summer

Looking for ways to keep your business comfortable this summer without seeing a big jump in your energy use? Start with these top energy saving tips:

  • Lean on smart tech to help keep indoor temps consistent and make saving simple. Find out if you qualify for a free smart thermostat and explore joining our Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program that helps you save money and energy while earning ongoing rewards.

  • Keep your HVAC system running efficiently by checking your HVAC filters every month and cleaning or replacing them when dirty.

  • Delay or reduce the need for cooling by using fans.

  • Block heat from the summer sun by installing window shades, awnings or low-cost reflective film.

  • To keep unnecessary heat from building up in your space, be sure to turn off computers, electronic equipment and lights when not in use.

  • Switch to LEDs for a cooler and more energy efficient lighting option.

Our Energy Experts can show you the best options for your business and can even help you score low-cost or no-cost upgrades - sign up for a free Energy Savings Checkup today.

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How it works

Our Energy Savings Checkups begin with a visit or phone call from one of our Energy Experts. They have years of experience helping businesses save energy and money. They’re smart, great listeners and come with a boat load of energy-efficiency knowledge. Plus, they’re just all-around nice people! During your visit, they’ll listen to you and gain a better understanding of your business and your unique goals. They’ll also explore your operations and share ideas and recommendations of ways to improve your businesses efficiency, spot opportunities for you to save - or even earn - money, and also discuss ways you can invest those savings toward becoming more sustainable.

PGE + ETO = Big savings for businesses!

When you meet with our Energy Experts, they’ll help identify energy-saving upgrades and actions you can take. These upgrades can deliver long-term energy savings, reduce operating costs and improve employee and customer comfort. But here’s where it gets really exciting – often these projects will be eligible for incentives through the Energy Trust of Oregon, which help make the energy-efficient improvements more affordable and lower your upfront costs. And, our energy experts will work with you and Energy Trust of Oregon to help you navigate through these incentives and find the ones that make the most sense and provide the best savings.

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Whether you've been in business for 50 years or 50 days, we're here to help! We want to make sure that every Oregon business has a chance to succeed.

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We saved the best part for last. This service is free to our business customers. Many have already taken us up on this offer and have reaped the benefits. How about you, are you ready?