Smart ways renters are saving energy this winter

Use these ideas to cut costs.

Are you a renter?

We have a lot of renters at PGE who are excited to share some energy saving tips, starting with what we call Fabian’s Favorite Four.

What can you do to control your energy bill besides the tried and true “turn down the thermostat” line? We talked with Alonna Abella and Maritza Cruz, PGE customer service advisors (who are renters themselves) and who help renters figure out ways to save on their bill.
Here’s what renters are doing:

“On Sundays, we cook meals for the week then use the microwave to reheat.”

“I like to use area rugs to help insulate my cold wood floors.”

“Outdoor lights and holiday lights use a lot of energy, so we use a timer to keep them on for a short time only.”

“I track my energy use on the mobile app. It helps to know what I’m using.”

“We used weather stripping in doors and shrink-wrap our windows to stop drafts…it was cheap and easy.”

“Keeping the lint filter clean automatically improves my dryer’s efficiency.”

“LED light bulbs are pretty affordable and last a lot longer.”

“I’ve got kids and laundry is nonstop in our house. We wash only in cold.”

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