PGE+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is PGE+ ?

A: PGE+ is a new online platform on our website.

This one-stop shop will:

  • Guide you to the right electrical equipment or appliances that meets your needs (first offering: fast “level 2” EV home chargers)

  • Connect you to rebates and discounts

  • Hook you up with a PGE Approved Contractor for installation

  • Help you enroll in the appropriate PGE program(s) for ongoing rewards and savings

A: The first product will be fast Level 2 EV home chargers so EV drivers who want to charge at home can easily find the right charger for them, get it installed, get the PGE rebates and ongoing bill credits available through enrolling in our Smart Charging program.

Future products/equipment will be available through PGE+ and we will announce those later in 2024.

A: PGE+ is useful for any residential customer looking for a new electrical appliance or piece of equipment and needs help selecting that item. Because of the easy, one-stop shop nature of PGE+, it’s right for anyone who also needs help getting the item installed professionally, and wants to make sure they’re getting the best guidance and best price. PGE+ will soon offer many products, but since the first offer is faster home EV chargers, you can use PGE+ if you are an EV driver wanting to charge faster at home.

At initial launch, PGE+ serves EV drivers who:

  • Need a Level 2 EV home charger and installation

  • Already have a qualifying Level 2 EV home charger but need it installed

  • Already have a qualifying Level 2 charger installed and just want to enroll in Smart Charging and get a rebate plus ongoing bill credits.

If you are an EV driver who only wants to charge at work or away from home, a faster Level 2 charger may not be something you need yet.

In addition, using PGE+ matters. Electrifying your home with smart equipment and appliances that can connect to the electric grid are a vital part of creating a clean energy future for Oregon. It’s an easy way to support sustainable energy sources and create a strong, flexible energy grid.

A: Using PGE+ to purchase and install a new Level 2 home EV charger requires:

  • You own the home where you want the charger installed (since only the homeowner has the right to make a hard-wired change to the home).

  • You to be the PGE account holder with your account in good standing. 

  • Your home not to be an apartment or condo. Condos or apartments in a residential building with three or more dwelling units are not currently eligible for PGE+ services.

If you already have a qualifying Level 2 EV charger installed at your home, you can apply for a rebate and enroll in EV Smart Charging here.

A: Sure. If you don’t need help selecting a qualified Level 2 charger, don’t need help with installation or aren’t interested in instant rebates , you can still apply for a Smart Charging rebate on our website. You must first purchase a qualifying charger and get it installed. Once approved, you will receive a rebate check in the mail up to several weeks later.

A: Think of it this way: PGE Marketplace is a place where you can purchase products. PGE+ is a one-stop shop for your projects. PGE+ not only guides you to the right equipment/appliances, but helps you get it installed by qualified professionals, and makes sure you get all of the rebates available and helps you enroll in the right PGE program for ongoing savings.

Faster Level 2 EV home chargers

A: Although most EVs can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet, a fast “Level 2” EV charger can charge up to 5x faster. Many customers want the flexibility and convenience of charging their car faster and more often. In addition, only qualifying Level 2 chargers are eligible for the rebates and ongoing bill credits available through our Smart Charging program. In addition, by choosing a qualifying Level 2 charger and enrolling in Smart Charging, you become a vital part of creating a clean energy future for Oregon. It’s an easy way for you to help keep energy costs down, support sustainable energy sources and create a strong, flexible energy grid.

A: The list of qualifying chargers available can be found here. We are adding new models as they qualify.

A: These chargers were evaluated for performance, safety, user experience, quality, ease of setup and installation and sustainability. These models achieved either a “best in class” or “acceptable” rating during our evaluation. They also are enabled to work with our system as part of the PGE EV Smart Charging Program.

A: EV chargers must be enabled for participation in the PGE Smart Charging Program. Unfortunately, Tesla does not produce any of these chargers right now. However, all chargers on our qualified charger list work with Tesla vehicles with a Tesla J1772 charging adapter. All Tesla vehicles should come equipped with this adapter at the time of sale. If you use this adapter, please make sure to conform with all local and national codes, standards, regulations or laws. You can also still enroll in the PGE Smart Charging program powered by evPulse if you drive a Tesla and don’t have a qualifying Level 2 charger.

A: This is a PGE safety requirement to adhere to National Electric Code.

PGE+ and its partners for financing and installation services

A: PGE+ uses a network of local PGE Approved Contractors. Whether a standard or custom job, our network of PGE+ contractors makes installing your equipment a breeze. They’ll assess your project and provide you a quote for approval. Our network of PGE Approved Contractors are licensed, bonded and insured and can be trusted to provide high quality service at a fair price.

A: There are several instances that would make a project a custom job. These include:

  • The charger may need to be located more than thirty feet from the main electrical service panel.

  • The main electrical service panel needs to be replaced or upgraded.

  • The electrical service to the home may need to be increased, more likely for homes built before 1950.

  • You may need to replace additional electrical equipment to complete the main electrical service panel replacement or upgrade.

A: In order to participate in Smart Charging, we need to be able to communicate with your charger via WiFi and its charger app. This is required to receive the Smart Charging rebates plus ongoing bill credits.

A: We’ll save your progress for 30 days, ready for you to resume when you’re ready. We’ll send you a reminder before the 30 days if you haven’t finished your application.

A: Yes you can. However, you won’t receive the rebates and ongoing bill credits associated with enrolling in Smart Charging. You will see on the estimation screen that those rebates go away on the estimated costs when you choose not to enroll in Smart Charging. You’ll have the opportunity to approve or reject the costs before proceeding.

A: Yes. Because Time of Day pricing is a good fit for EV charging at home, and PGE+ is designed to connect customers to programs that work with their PGE+ purchase, you can choose to enroll in Time of Day during the PGE+ process. If charging your EV is something that can be moved to overnight or any other time than 5-9 p.m. weekdays, you may want to try Time of Day.