Pole charger pilot powers up electric vehicles across Portland

Sept. 20, 2023

An estimated 250,000 electric vehicles will be on Oregon’s roads by 2025. To fuel them, we’ll need more charging options, especially for customers who do not have access to home charging.

As part of PGE’s commitment to supporting underserved communities in our Transportation Electrification Plan, we are partnering with municipalities across our service area to make EV chargers more accessible for everyone via the Municipal Charging Collaboration Pilot now underway.

Through the pilot, PGE plans to install 60 accessible and affordable Level 2 charging stations this year on utility poles in residential neighborhoods to make it easier for customers who may not have access to home charging options, including those who live in multi-family housing or who rent their residence. As part of the pilot, PGE will design, build, own, operate and maintain the chargers. PGE is slated to have an additional 120 pole chargers installed by 2025.

Installing the chargers on utility poles reduces the amount of infrastructure needed, lowers the cost of installing chargers, and creates a great opportunity for drivers who have on-street parking, but don’t have a driveway or garage for at-home charging.

“The pilot aims to help all Oregonians — regardless of income, home-ownership status or type of residence — gain access to reliable, affordable and equitable EV charging,” says Anik Shrestha, product specialist, PGE. “The pilot also helps municipalities decarbonize their transportation sector and meet Oregon’s climate action goals.”

The pilot, which is now underway, started with five demonstration utility pole chargers serving our communities, including three pole chargers recently installed in Milwaukie and two previously installed in SE Portland.

How it works for customers:

Customers who want to charge up on one of the pole chargers follow a few easy steps:

  • Customers find a neighborhood charger near them via PGE’s website, Plugshare or Chargeway and scan the QR code or key in the station ID on their mobile device.

  • The QR code takes customers to the Shell Recharge App PGE. After their charge is authorized, the charging cable is released and they can plug in and charge up for up to four hours.

  • Customers are charged our retail electric vehicle charging rate (based on Schedule 50 PGE) for their session, which is currently $3 for a session.

  • Customers can monitor their charging progress via the app.

  • Once their session is finished, they unplug their vehicle, and the charging chord will automatically retract.

  • Customers then leave the charger and parking spot so other drivers may utilize the charger.

See the chargers in action

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