PGE issues 2023 All-Source Request for Proposal: Five Things to Know

May 19, 2023

Portland General Electric took a significant step towards its commitment to clean energy by filing its 2023 Draft Request for Proposal (RFP), initiating the procurement process for new clean energy tools and resources. This RFP, filed May 19 with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC), will work to achieve progress toward the projected capacity and energy needs identified in PGE’s 2023 combined Clean Energy Plan and Integrated Resource Plan (CEP/IRP).

Here are five things to know about this recent filing and how it seeks to bring new reliable, clean energy projects online.

  1. This RFP follows our 2021 RFP, which resulted in landmark projects such as the Clearwater Wind Farm, and the recently announced battery storage projects. By issuing an RFP, PGE can ensure a fair and transparent selection process that includes vetting proposals from multiple sources and making informed decisions based on customer and company value.

  2. Unlike in previous years, this RFP was filed for regulatory review in parallel with the CEP/IRP and is a first step toward enabling a more nimble and flexible acquisition process.Once the CEP/IRP is acknowledged by the OPUC, PGE can rapidly execute its procurement strategy at the scope and pace required to meet the state’s ambitious clean energy targets, including an 80% reduction in emissions from power served to Oregon customers by 2030.

  3. PGE expects to seek bids for both renewable generation projects, like wind and solar farms, and resources that can provide non-emitting dispatchable capacity, such as battery storage systems. Most importantly, the RFP aims to maximize reliability and customer value by seeking the remaining projects in the West that can leverage long-term transmission capacity to deliver power to PGE customers.

  4. For the first time, PGE will also initiate Request For Information (RFI) processes later this year to identify potential longer-term technologies and locations for clean energy projects, as the energy landscape across the West evolves. RFIs can provide valuable insights, enhance procurement planning and highlight needed actions to prepare for future RFP processes. The RFI will be informational-only and will not be utilized to acquire projects. PGE looks forward to sharing additional details on this process in the coming months.

  5. This RFP is just one part of PGE’s clean energy strategy. Achieving Oregon’s ambitious targets will require more than clean energy acquisition, it will also require additional customer and community-sited solutions, such as demand response, energy efficiency and community based renewable energy resources (CBREs). This RFP represents a continuation of our work to decarbonize, but we will continue to explore all avenues to decarbonize while prioritizing reliability and affordability.

For more information or to bid for the 2023 RFP, visit