PGE Pilot Program Expands Fleet Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

July 27, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. — Today Portland General Electric announced the launch of PGE Fleet Partner, a new pilot program that will help local businesses and organizations electrify their vehicle fleets by transitioning to electricity as a fuel, advancing Oregon’s transition to a clean energy future. The program is a turnkey solution for fleet electrification that includes planning and technical services, site design, construction, electric vehicle service equipment rebates and incentives towards electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. PGE expects to upgrade 75 fleet depots to support over 1,000 EVs from delivery vans to school buses to heavy-duty tractor-trailers. “Electrifying transportation is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said John McFarland, chief customer officer for Portland General Electric. “PGE Fleet Partner is a prime example of how we are working with customers to combat climate change, improve air quality and help create a more sustainable way of life critical to Oregon’s future.” Transportation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon and a major contributor of other air pollutants. EVs not only reduce emissions by up to 100% compared to internal combustion engine vehicles—electricity as a fuel is also typically less expensive than fossil fuels, it is generated here in the Pacific Northwest and prices are more stable over time. Other benefits include improved local air quality and reduced operating and maintenance costs. PGE is partnering closely with businesses and organizations to provide them with the tools and resources, including infrastructure, and incentives to make an electrified fleet a reality. “We applaud the efforts of customers who want to electrify their fleets and meet, even exceed, shared sustainability goals,” said Luke Whittemore, transportation electrification engineer with PGE. “With PGE Fleet Partner, we do the work for them on planning and logistics to build the charging infrastructure, so they can focus on buying the right EVs for their fleet.” This new program demonstrates PGE’s continued commitment to reducing emissions and advancing innovative clean energy solutions. From electrifying their own fleet to offering rebates and incentives to businesses for Level 2 chargers, PGE is taking action and asking customers to join them along the way.

About Portland General Electric Company
Portland General Electric (NYSE: POR) is a fully integrated energy company based in Portland, Oregon, with operations across the state. The company serves approximately 900,000 customers with a service area population of 2 million Oregonians in 51 cities. PGE owns 16 generation plants across Oregon and other Northwestern states and maintains and operates 14 public parks and recreation areas. For over 130 years, PGE has delivered safe, affordable and reliable energy to Oregonians. Together with its customers, PGE has the No. 1 voluntary renewable energy program in the U.S. PGE and its 3,000 employees are working with customers to build a clean energy future. In 2020, PGE, employees, retirees and the PGE Foundation donated $5.6 million and volunteered 18,200 hours with more than 400 nonprofits across Oregon. For more information visit

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