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Thanks in part to Green Future participants like you, Oregon is moving quickly toward a clean energy future.

Welcome to your home for all things Green Future! You’re part of a community of more than 225,000 participants taking action to keep Oregon special for generations to come. We’re proud to call Green Future the number one voluntary renewable energy program PGE in the nation since 2009,* and it’s all thanks to the dedication of participants like you.

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Your dollars, working locally

Your participation makes a difference well beyond your environmental impact — you're also supporting renewable energy projects in local communities through the Renewable Development Fund. The RDF funds the creation of clean energy installations like solar panels at schools, nonprofits and other local organizations.

Saving the fish, one project at a time

Did you know that you can also support local fish with your Green Future participation? When you add Habitat Support to your enrollment, you pay $2.50 more per month to support The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to conserve and restore fish habitat in Oregon.

If you’re interested in adding Habitat Support to your Green Future enrollment, sign up online PGE or by calling 503-228-6322.

Take a look at projects the Habitat Support program is funding.

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Spring Park

The North Clackamas Park and Recreation District’s Spring Park Natural Area is located on the Willamette River in the City of Milwaukie. 

Wychus Creek

Removal of the last remaining concrete dam on Wychus Creek and its tributaries has opened up 13 miles of habitat upstream for steelhead, redband trout and Chinook salmon in the Deschutes River system in Central Oregon.

Kilchis River

The Nature Conservancy is restoring 66 acres of estuarine and freshwater wetlands on the Kilchis River near its confluence with Tillamook Bay.

Rock Creek

Placing large rocks and logs in the stream and replanting vegetation on the alcove banks were necessary to restore the site to a healthier floodplain with diverse structure and cooler, cleaner water.

Pudding Ponds at Willamette Confluence

Agencies restored multiple habitats at Spring Park and improved access and trails for visitors.

Programs that pair well with Green Future

Time of Day savings

Take advantage of lower prices for using less energy during the high demand weekday hours of 5–9 pm.

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Peak Time Rebates

Shift your energy use away from peak times, and you can save on your next bill. There’s no cost to join and you decide when to participate.

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Smart Thermostat program

Earn rewards when your thermostat automatically adjusts during peak times or get a great deal on a smart thermostat. Remember, you’re always in control of your comfort.

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*According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's ranking based on total number of participants