Fleet Partner Charging Rebates

Bring Level 2 charging to your fleet

With the Fleet Partner Pilot, in addition to make-ready infrastructure, you can apply for rebates to help offset the cost of installing qualified Level 2 chargers.

Meet your sustainability goals and help Oregon meet our climate goals

EVs are changing the way we drive and how we do business. We provide financial incentives to help bring EV adoption to your fleet. By installing EV chargers, you’ll not only support your business’s sustainability, but also contribute to meeting our region’s climate and environmental goals. If you operate a fleet, EV chargers can enable a smoother transition to affordable electric fuel.

How can I participate?

Check out our rebates and their corresponding qualifications and requirements. It’s easy to get pre-approved and then apply.

Get up to $ 1,000 for each Level 2 charger port.*

Install Level 2 EV chargers for your fleet

Earn rebates of $ 1,000 per port (Level 2 chargers typically have one or two ports) to help offset the cost.

*Limit of 8 rebates per customer site, not to exceed a total of $8,000

To apply for rebates:

Qualifying Chargers

To qualify for the rebate, you must be a Fleet Partner participant, and install PGE-approved networked, Level 2 chargers. Please find our list of qualified chargers here PGE. For EV charging vendors that would like to be added to the qualified chargers list, follow the instructions on this page.

Want to be even cleaner?

Our Basic Service pricing option includes renewable energy in the mix, but if you want to be an environmental super star, you’ll want to charge your EV using 100% clean energy. We can help. Enroll in our Green Future Enterprise program and we’ll make sure all of the energy you use comes from renewable sources.