EV Charging Vendor Qualification

To be eligible for PGE’s EV programs, customers must select a PGE qualified charger and vendor. For EV charging vendors that would like to be added to the qualified chargers list, follow the instructions on this page.

Please note that PGE qualifies the software provider for the charging hardware that they propose. PGE will not qualify hardware-only vendors. Hardware-only vendors should partner with their software providers to submit RFQ documents.

At a minimum, chargers must be network-connected and demand response capable to be eligible for qualification.

PGE's Qualification Process

PGE expects to provide notification of qualification result within 4 weeks of complete RFQ documentation.

Vendor qualification process

Request for Qualification Instructions
  1. Request RFQ documents from PGE by emailing qualified.chargers@pgn.com

  2. Complete RFQ form

  3. Include appendix items:

    • Indicative pricing

    • Sales collateral

    • Product specification sheets

    • Installation manuals and site prep guides

    • Commissioning instructions

    • User manuals

    • Service manuals

    • Standard warranty documentation

    • Activation form, if applicable

    • Software platform screenshots

  4. Send completed RFQ form and appendix items to qualified.chargers@pgn.com

  5. PGE will review the documents within 5 business days, and provide confirmation that the RFQ documentation is complete