Facility & Fleet Management

Read how PGE embeds sustainable practices into our facilities, our operations and our fleet.

We’re always looking for ways to make our operations more sustainable and efficient

Check out some of our recent efforts below and see our most recent Sustainability Report for facility and fleet data.


  • Two LEED-Gold-certified facilities: our 1 World Trade Center headquarters in downtown Portland and our Avery Service Center buildings in Tualatin

  • Making existing buildings more resource efficient with LED lighting and low-flow water controls

  • Building Electric Avenue, a street of publicly available electric vehicle charging stations, and providing EV charging in employee parking lots

  • Encouraging employee sustainability, including:

    • workplace recycling and composting programs

    • an incentive program for employees to purchase electric vehicles or hybrids

    • sponsoring the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s regional Bike Commute Challenge and providing a bike fleet of bikes for employees

    • sponsoring the Northwest Earth Institute’s annual EcoChallenge to encourage employees to take sustainable actions at work and at home (more to come on rotating basis)

Reducing waste

  • Rose City Core building remodel

  • Recycled 70 tons of ceramic insulators in 2014 that used to be thrown away

  • Recycled 33 tons of fiberglass from three Tucannon River Wind Farm turbine blades damaged by a storm prior to installation

  • Workplace composting and recycling programs in offices that divert more than 70 percent of our waste from landfills

  • Repurposing our historic Hawthorne building by removing contaminants and restoring it instead of demolishing it


In 2014, our fleet of about 1,000 heavy-duty and line trucks, pickups and sedans included about 1 percent hybrid or plug-in electric vehicles.

Mid-year, we made a commitment that moving forward, 5 percent of our annual fleet budget would go toward the purchase of electric and plug-in vehicles. See how our crews like the new trucks so far.

Plug-in hybrid bucket trucks

After several years of field testing, Portland General Electric has learned that plug-in electric cars and trucks can make good business sense. But what about the folks who have their boots on the ground and in the air? PGE lineman and repairmen share their firsthand experience with utility fleet electrification.