Sharing Customer Information with Energy Trust – Business

Details for businesses with more than 8.7 million kWh of annual energy use

PGE customers are eligible for services and cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon PGE, an independent non profit organization overseen by the Oregon Public Utility Commission PGE. Energy Trust helps customers save energy and money by providing information, assistance and cash incentives for energy efficient upgrades and renewable energy systems. These services are funded by a public purpose charge on your utility bill.

In support of this mission, the OPUC has directed* PGE to provide Energy Trust with a limited set of information about our large commercial and industrial customers (those using more than 8.7 million kWh annually). This information consists of:

  • Customer name

  • Service address

  • Whether the customer is applying self-direct credits against its energy-efficiency and renewable public purpose charge during each billing period

Energy Trust will use this information to design, evaluate and improve service to customers and for marketing purposes.

Additional information shared with your permission

To provide the best possible service to our large customers, Energy Trust would like to know more about your energy use. To grant PGE your permission to provide this additional information, please fill out the online form. If you’ve already worked with Energy Trust, you do not need to fill out this form.

If available, the additional information we will share with your permission includes:

  • In-service or activation date

  • Building type (for example, multifamily)

  • Business type (identified using a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC code) or U.S. Census Bureau NAICS code)

  • Initially, 18 months of the most recent historical usage data on a per-billing month basis (total billed kilowatt hours and kW)

  • Meter number and other Service Point Identification numbers

  • Rate schedule identifier for each customer account

  • Information about any energy-efficiency program participation and type of space heat used by the customer

  • Updates for all of the usage data and revisions to the underlying database information on a periodic basis under subsection (6)(d) of this rule

  • For unmetered accounts (for example, street lights, cellular towers, telephone booths, and electric utility service buildings), PGE must transfer contracted kilowatt-hour consumption rather than actual billed consumption

What’s not shared with Energy Trust

PGE will not share the following customer information:

  • Social security numbers

  • Billing and payment history

  • Credit information

  • Tax identification numbers

  • Driver license numbers

  • Life support information

  • Any medical information

  • Proprietary customer information protected by the password provision required under OAR 860-021-0009(6)

Do not contact list

If you do not wish to be contacted by Energy Trust for marketing purposes, submit your “do not contact” request online at PGE.

Questions and comments

If you have questions or comments, please submit them to PGE at

*See Oregon Administrative Rules PGE and OPUC Order PGE.