Batteries included

How batteries help power the clean energy future.

Electricity. Unless you work at PGE, it’s not something you’d spend much time thinking about. You flip a switch, the lights come on. You turn a nob, and the oven gets hot. But behind the scenes a delicate balancing act is going on between the power being generated and the power being used. And, for decades, this load balance was achieved by generating energy on demand to meet those needs on demand. Today, with new renewable sources coming into the mix that rely on wind and sun, it’s a little more complicated. That’s where batteries really shine.

Battery storage systems – be they at home, in EVs or even large places like our Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility – have proven to be the perfect complement to clean, green power generation, reliably providing energy on demand but also providing resiliency. It’s no wonder cities, businesses and communities across Oregon sing the praises of batteries.

In Beaverton, the new Public Safety Center uses a microgrid of solar, battery storage and a backup generator that’s all connected with PGE’s grid, supplying the community resiliency and peace of mind in the event of an emergency. Yes, the clean energy future is here. It just needed batteries installed in it.