PGE crews continue to work on restoration efforts and repairs following extreme damage from winter storm

Jan. 15, 2024

PORTLAND, Ore. — PGE crews worked through the night and continue full-scale efforts today to restore power following extreme damage from the winter storm that began Saturday. More than 1,400 PGE personnel, including crews and support staff, and a growing number of mutual assistance crews from across the state as well as California, Idaho and Washington, are working today to fix downed lines and damaged poles, substations and transmission equipment.

“We know the damage to our system has led to hardships for our customers. PGE is focused on restoring power as quickly and safely as possible,” said Benjamin Felton, chief operating officer at PGE. “We were proactive in preparations for this storm and secured additional resources, but the extent of the damage due to fallen trees, limbs, debris and ice throughout our service area made it difficult to access the hardest-hit areas and make repairs both big and small. The work these past three days has gone beyond just fixing downed lines to also repairing major substations and transmission lines that serve many customers. Our crews’ dedication to their jobs and PGE customers against extreme winter conditions is commendable.”

The extent of the damage crews encountered included nearly 850 downed distribution power lines, lines wrapped around fallen limbs, transformer and substation damage, as well as trees that had toppled equipment. At peak on Saturday, more than 160,000 customers were without power. As of 9:30 a.m. Monday, that number totals approximately 76,000.

Strong winds are forecast for Monday, with potential freezing rain/sleet in PGE’s service area Tuesday evening, potentially adding additional outages and extending restoration. Customers could experience multiple outages in these weather conditions. Customers should report any new outage via the PGE mobile app or online at PGE.

Always assume that any downed line is live and extremely dangerous and should stay far back. Never touch a downed wire with your body or any object. Report any downed line immediately to PGE by calling 503-464-7777 or 800-544-1795.

Winter Weather Safety

For customers who are without power, we know it’s hard, especially in the cold. We encourage you to:

  • Contact 2-1-1 for warming shelter information or additional assistance that may be needed during this winter weather event.

  • If it is safe to do so, consider staying with a friend or family member who has power.

  • Exercise caution when using candles as an alternative light source.

  • Do not operate kerosene heaters or generators indoors. Without proper ventilation, these items can generate harmful gases and deadly carbon monoxide.

  • Lock in home heat by tacking blankets over windows and doorways to keep out the cold out and putting rolled towels at the bottom of doors to keep out drafts.

Generator Safety

  • Prior to operation, thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions to safely operate the generator.

  • Always operate a portable generator outside.  

    • Because it is fueled with gasoline, place it in a well-ventilated area away from doors, windows and the garage.

  • Never plug a generator into a wall outlet.  

    • Doing so may produce dangerous backfeedof electricity into utility lines.

    • Plug appliances and other electrical equipment directly into the portable generator using an indoor/outdoor, three-prong, grounded extension cord.

  • Use only an outdoor-rated, grounded extension cord — one with a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) is best; always follow manufacturer’s instructions for grounding the generator.

Connect with PGE

For customers whose power is out, please contact PGE if you haven’t already. PGE offers several ways to report an outage or get an update:

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