PGE crews to assess damage and restore power resulting from high winds and inclement weather

Dec. 27, 2022

Portland, Ore. (Dec. 27, 2022) — Beginning early today, strong, sustained winds began causing storm-related power outages across PGE’s service area, with approximately 104,000 outages at 4:00 p.m. today.

“These winds are blowing debris into our lines, taking down trees and damaging high-voltage transmission lines,” said Dale Goodman, PGE director of utility operations. “The sustained winds make it challenging for crews to safely work in bucket trucks and on high wires, where we are seeing the impacts of the winds on our equipment.”

Even with more than more than 600 PGE personnel and contract crews on hand, and with more mutual aid crews on the way from California, Idaho and Washington, it will take some time to assess damage, make repairs and restore power because of the extent of the damage and the strong, sustained winds expected to continue through the afternoon.

“We know it’s difficult to be without power, and we thank our customers for their patience as our crews work as quickly as safety allows to restore power,” said Goodman. “We recognize that some of our customers who are without power experienced outages during last week’s severe weather. Others may experience multiple power outages today as we make repairs, and the wind causes new damage.”

Here are some tips to help stay safe during storms:

  • Electricity is invisible — lines don’t have to spark or sizzle to carry electricity. Even if the line looks insulated (such as cables or phone lines), always assume that downed lines are live and extremely dangerous. Never touch downed wires with your body or any object. Stay as far away as you can — keep kids and pets away, too.

  • Report any downed lines to PGE immediately at 503-464-7777 or 800-544-1795. Call 911 if other public safety issues exist, like fire or traffic problems.

  • If someone comes in contact with a downed line or is using equipment that touches a power line, do not attempt a rescue. Call 911 immediately and wait for emergency personnel.

  • If a power line falls on your vehicle with you inside, remain calm. Assume the line is energized; call 911 and stay inside the vehicle unless there is immediate danger of fire or other injury. Warn others not to come in contact with the vehicle. If a person is forced to leave the vehicle while it is in contact with a power line, they should jump as far as they can and land with both feet together, then shuffle or hop with both legs together away from the vehicle. Be sure no part of their body touches the car and ground at the same time.

  • Use safe cooking, heating, and lighting practices during a power outage. Information on safe generator use and other safety tips are available on

  • Stay away from substations and the electrical equipment inside; they contain high voltage.

  • Water and electricity should never be mixed. Don’t touch anything electrical if it’s wet or near water and stay out of water near electrical equipment.

If experiencing an outage, please be patient and know crews are attempting to fix the issue as quickly as safety allows. Winter weather is unpredictable, so PGE encourages customers to be prepared for outages that may last for an extended period. PGE offers several ways to get updates or report an outage:

  • Text updates: Log into your PGE account PGE or call PGE’s Customer Service team at 503-228-6322 or 800-542-8818 to make sure PGE has your contact information so we can update you with outage information via text message (outage texts are currently available for residential and small business customers with fewer than six accounts).

  • Online: Go to PGE to view PGE’s outage map.

  • App: Download the PGE app at the Google Play Store PGE or Apple App Store PGE. Links also available at PGE.

  • Phone: Call 503-464-7777 or 800-544-1795 to report a power outage or downed line through our automated system. Customers can also request a call back when power is restored.

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