Sustainability leaders claim PGE’s Green Future impact in record time

Newest offering helps leaders in digital, education, healthcare and public sectors support new renewable energy facility in Oregon

Aug. 21, 2019

Portland, Ore. — Portland General Electric (NYSE: POR) recently launched Green Future Impact, a new solution that helps large commercial and industrial customers source 100% of their electricity from new wind or solar renewable energy facilities. After enrollment opened, customers committed to purchase output equal to an approximately 160-megawatt renewable energy facility in just over three minutes.

Green Future Impact gives customers another way to meet aggressive sustainability and climate goals. Customers who enrolled in the program include Adobe, Comcast, Daimler Trucks North America, Digital Realty, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland Community College, Portland State University and the cities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Portland, Salem, West Linn and Wilsonville, along with Multnomah and Washington counties.

“Cities and large customers are leading the way to a clean energy future. We are pleased to offer another cost-effective way to help them achieve their green energy goals,” said PGE President and CEO Maria Pope. “Together, we are making Oregon an example in the fight against climate change.”

Subscribers to Green Future Impact help accelerate a cleaner energy supply in our region. Their subscriptions to a dedicated power purchase agreement will bring a new wind or solar facility online. The first facility will be located in Oregon and operational by the end of 2021. As a bundled green product, customers will receive energy from that facility, along with the associated renewable energy credits.

Approved by the Oregon Public Utility Commission earlier this year after a collaborative process, customers qualify if they have more than a 30-kilowatt annual aggregate peak demand or a 10-megawatt average load. Green Future Impact may add up to 300 megawatts of new renewable resources to PGE’s system.

Subscriptions are for 10- or 15-year terms, and pricing reflects the actual cost of producing and delivering the energy from a specific facility. The product is self-supporting, ensuring that no costs are shifted to non-participating customers. For more information, go to

Quotes from Green Future Impact’s business and municipal customers:

“Adobe is proud to partner with PGE on their Green Future Impact—the very first green tariff for PGE. This is an important step toward PGE’s renewable energy deployment and will be instrumental in helping Adobe meet our RE100 goal and Science-Based Targets by decarbonizing the grid that powers the majority of our digital operations. We are fully supportive of bringing renewable energy not only to our facilities but also to our communities, so that both people and businesses can thrive in the long run,” said Vince Digneo, sustainability strategist, Adobe.

“We are excited that PGE introduced a product that will help us go greener faster. By participating, the City of Beaverton will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and save with long-term, fixed pricing. We’ll also help to bring a new renewable energy facility to life, for a cleaner future,” said Denny Doyle, mayor of Beaverton.

“Being part of Green Future Impact allows us to do our part in furthering the company’s aspirational goal of powering all of our buildings, as well as our network and operations, with 100% renewable energy. We’re proud to partner with PGE and align with the values of the local communities we serve in an effort to decarbonize the region’s energy supply,” said Marion Haynes, vice president of External Affairs for Comcast Cable, Oregon/SW Washington.

"Digital Realty continues to actively engage with Portland General Electric and other utility providers to identify cost-effective renewable energy solutions. We applaud PGE’s efforts to develop new renewable energy solutions for its customers in Oregon, which supports our objectives to bring clean energy to our customers," said Aaron Binkley, senior director of Sustainability at Digital Realty.

“The City of Hillsboro is committed to a sustainable future. We’ve been actively reducing our greenhouse gas emissions for the past ten years. In that time, we’ve reduced emissions from city operations by 30%, and the Green Future Impact program will help us go further. It saves money, helps us meet our goals to go greener faster, and it fuels opportunity in Oregon’s growing renewable energy economy,” said Steve Callaway, mayor of Hillsboro.

“The City of Milwaukie is proud to partner with PGE to power city facilities and operations with clean, renewable electricity through Green Future Impact. The city’s decarbonization of its operational electricity is one of many climate actions called out in the Milwaukie Community Climate Action Plan, and a large step forward in reaching our community’s climate goals of net-zero carbon emissions from electricity by 2035, and complete community-wide carbon neutrality by 2050. The success of Green Future Impact shows the regional demand for renewable electricity that minimizes our communities’ contributions to the climate crisis and maximizes the shared benefits that new renewable energy infrastructure provides. PGE’s hard work to lift this opportunity, as well as its commitments to decarbonizing its portfolio, has not gone unnoticed. We look forward to working with PGE to explore a more sustainable future and reaching our climate goals through innovative technologies and renewable energy programs like Green Future Impact,” said Mark Gamba, mayor of Milwaukie.

“The City of Lake Oswego is working to strengthen the state’s renewable energy sector. Choosing Green Future Impact was an easy choice. We get the satisfaction of building a connection to a local renewable energy facility and competitive long-term pricing,” said Kent Studebaker, mayor of Lake Oswego.

"This project with PGE proves that technology is not the barrier for achieving our climate goals, it is a matter of having the political courage to act. With this project, we are taking the bold step of building renewable energy resources in our state and putting those resources to work for our community," said Deborah Kafoury, chair, Multnomah County Board of Commissioners.

“Portland is a leader in creating a cleaner, greener city, from our parks and our open spaces to the energy we rely on to serve our citizens. With Green Future Impact, we’re closer to meeting our goal of relying 100% on renewable energy for city operations by 2030,” said Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland.

“Portland Community College has been a long-time leader of sustainable practices and environmental education, both in the classroom and in the field. We appreciate our partnership with PGE to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, which we estimate will be reduced by 20% thanks to the Green Future Impact program — getting us that much closer to reaching our Climate Action Plan goals,” said Mark Mitsui, president of Portland Community College.

"Green Future Impact will allow us to source almost a quarter of campus electricity needs from renewable energy generated right here in Oregon. We are thrilled to be one of several public entities participating. This is a significant step towards our university climate action and sustainability commitments, reducing the carbon emissions associated with campus energy use while supporting the local clean energy economy,” said Stephen Percy, interim president of Portland State University.

"We are proud to partner with Portland General Electric and join their Green Future Impact program. It allows the city to cost-effectively increase our use of abundant, renewable energy to a total of over 80%. This is a win for everyone," said Chuck Bennett, mayor of Salem.

“In keeping with our sustainability goals, Washington County is committed to energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy as we provide service to the community. We’re grateful for the opportunity to subscribe to the PGE Green Future Impact program as a means to ensure that county operations will transition to 100% renewable power by 2040, at the lowest possible cost,” said Kathryn Harrington, chair, Washington County Board of Commissioners.

“West Linn is beyond excited to be a part of PGE’s cutting-edge Green Future Impact Program. Having a direct relationship with a local renewable energy source makes it easy to see where we are making a positive environmental impact, and the low rate makes it possible for the City of West Linn to reach their sustainability goal of 100% clean renewable energy use far earlier than previously imagined. We hope our City being at the forefront of sustainable energy will set an example for our community and surrounding communities to invest in our collective futures through clean energy,” said Russell Axelrod, mayor of West Linn.

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