Power Generation

In this gallery, you’ll find video of several of PGE’s power generation facilities.

PGE meets our area’s growing energy demands with a diverse mix of generation facilities that includes water power, wind, coal and natural gas combustion. In this gallery you’ll find photos and videos of several of PGE’s power generation facilities.

Hydropower generation (images | b-roll)

Hydropower is a reliable, affordable source of emissions-free electricity that harnesses the power of water to generate energy. Dams stop the flow of a river, allowing us to direct it into the powerhouse where the water turns blades in a turbine, spinning a generator and producing electricity. Hydropower is a great partner to other renewables, providing a steady and reliable source of electricity that enables us to integrate more wind and solar.


The Pelton Round Butte hydroelectric project was completed in 1964 and includes three dams situated along a 20-mile stretch in the Deschutes River canyon (video courtesy of PGE).


Sullivan hydro plant is PGE’s oldest hydro generating plant and one of two in the nation to be continuously running since construction (video courtesy of PGE).


PGE hydropower facilities on the Clackamas River provide a sustainable source of electricity to power up to 78,000 homes (video courtesy of PGE).