Equal Pay

Make budgeting easier – pay the same amount each month. PGE Equal Pay customers can count on knowing how much their bill is going to be every month.

How it works

A typical electric bill can experience some dramatic ups and downs, as electricity needs change during the year. PGE’s Equal Pay option evens out your monthly bill so you make the same payment every month.

Equal Pay calculates a set monthly bill based on energy use from previous months. Because your energy use can change over time, we also give you a month every year to “catch up,” in which you pay the difference between what you’ve already paid for the year and what you’ve actually used. If you used less than estimated, you’ll get a credit for future bills in your catch-up month, and if you used more, you’ll have an amount due.

Get predictable bills

This short video shows how your Equal Pay amount is set, and how we keep it aligned to your actual energy use, as it changes over time.

Equal Pay has changed

Starting in May, we’ve updated the way we calculate your Equal Pay amount. This change helps you avoid a large monthly overpayment or underpayment, preventing a large “catch-up month.”

Out with the old, in with the new

The new Equal Pay calculation takes your average monthly use for the past 12 months and multiplies it by current rates to determine your new monthly Equal Pay amount.

Do currently enrolled customers need to do anything?

No! The calculation will automatically occur when your account next goes through review. You’ll see an “Equal Pay review” message on your bill, and your new amount will be reflected on your following bill.

How to enroll

Residential and small business customers with accounts that are current can request to enroll in Equal Pay by giving us a call at 503-228-6322 Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Stay informed

Managing your energy use while on Equal Pay is simple!

Monitor the difference

between what you’re paying and what you’re using by reviewing the Equal Pay difference that appears on your bill every month.

Sign in to your account

to use convenient tools like Energy Tracker℠ and the account page to track your energy use over time.

Use the PGE mobile app

for on-the-go-convenience including bill alerts and payments.