Generate Your Own Power

We’re not the only ones producing an Oregon kind of energy. Grab your sunglasses and let’s talk about installing solar panels on your roof and more.

Thinking about installing solar? Good! We can help.

Many people are discovering the benefits that come from adding solar panels onto their property. The process isn’t as daunting as you might think. There are often incentives available to substantially offset the costs of installing solar or wind. Find out what sort of payback period you might be looking at.

Connecting to the grid

Before adding solar, wind or even battery storage, you’ll want to make sure your new energy source can feed the grid. Not all of our customers’ have access.

Working with PGE

Unless you’re planning to go off-grid with your new solar system, you’ll want it connected to our grid through net metering. That way you’ll always have the power you need.

Solar + Battery = Peace of Mind

It’s simple math. When you add battery storage to your solar or wind, you make your home more prepared during an emergency or outage. Plus, if you join our new Smart Battery Pilot program, you’ll help add even more renewable energy to the grid.

Community Solar

Installing solar panels not in your future? You can still participate in solar energy even if you rent or live in a multi-family building.

The sun is shining. The panels are installed. Now what?

With your panels connected to PGE’s grid, you’ll be receiving credit for all the power they generate. That’s the beauty of solar. You just sit back, relax and let the sun do the work.

Each billing period, the power you used from PGE is offset by the power you sent to PGE. Your bill for energy will only be for the difference or “net.” Your monthly bill will include the basic service charge, taxes and other adjustments.

If you produced more energy than you used, a credit will be applied on your next bill.

In our Solar Payment Option, PGE pays you for the power your system generates up to the amount of electricity you use. If your system generates more power in any month than you can use, excess generation gets credited to later months. This program is at capacity and reservations are closed, but you can find out more about it or connect with us about other options.

Share the stage, solar. Wind, hydro…the spotlight is on you.

For many, solar panels make the most sense for generating power at your home. But in some cases, your property may be a good candidate for wind turbines or hydroelectric power.

Most wind systems need a generator, inverter, tower and other small components. Of course, the most important thing they need is a location with an average wind speed above 10 mph!

Oregon Department of Energy Wind System Incentives PGE American Wind Energy Association PGE

Working with independent power producers

PGE buys power from independent producers

If you’re an independent power producer, let’s talk. Small scale, wholesale power producers can sell power directly to PGE and receive monthly income for their electricity.