Commercial and Multifamily Make Ready

Adding electric vehicle charging to your multifamily property, business or commercial property can feel overwhelming and expensive to do it yourself. The PGE Commercial and Multifamily Make Ready program partners with you to provide technical and financial support to bring EV charging to your customers, employees and residents.

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Open to non-residential commercial properties and multifamily properties in under-served communities.

  • Charging site(s) must be within the PGE service territory.

  • Charging must be on a new cost of service meter and a minimum of 8 ports at the service location.

  • Customer must purchase and install PGE-approved, networked Level 2 chargers.

  • Customer must keep chargers operational and share charging data with PGE for 10 years.

  • If customers commit to retail rate that is within 10% of schedule 50 for Level 2 charging, then they will receive the full charger rebate.

  • Customer must sign an easement covering PGE-owned infrastructure.

How Commercial and Multifamily Make Ready program works:

Its no small task building out charging infrastructure. But we are experts and we’re here to manage the process for you, from beginning to end. Look at our make ready process below so you know what to expect.

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