All Electric Home

Thank you for stopping by our Electric House Party at Portland Pride!

All are welcome in our home

There’s a lot to celebrate this June. Not only are we honored to show up in support of our LGBTQ+ community and Pride Northwest, but we’re also excited to introduce our All Electric Home. These opportunities – to celebrate, educate, and advocate for change are just as important as ever, as we see the LGBTQ+ community disproportionately facing housing insecurity, as well as increased risk of violence, discrimination and rejection.

What can we say…we love your energy!

At this year’s Pride event, we’re proud to celebrate and collaborate with these wonderful local businesses:

Umbrella Ink

Umbrella Ink was created by Jeffrey Ta, a life-long Portlander with a passion for fashion. He loves being creative and bringing his ideas to life through screen printing. He’s the man behind the groovy tote bag you get with your donation to Pride Northwest.

Jen Fuller Studios

From concept to execution, everything that emerges from Jen Fuller Studios is a labor of love, an exploration of advanced kiln-form techniques and a place of thoughtful boundary pushing. Jen lit up the party with her custom (and energy efficient!) LED sign.


Part of the Portland community since 2010, this family operated brand offers a thoughtfully curated selection of home decor, plants and gifts. As members of 1% For The Planet, they proudly donate a portion of online sales to local environmental nonprofits. You’ll find goods from their store throughout the electric home.

All Electric Home

Your address for comfort, efficiency and sustainability

In 2022, we built this all-electric tiny home* to showcase the latest in energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability available in homes today. Don’t let its size fool you – it’s a home that lives on a much grander scale.

We’ll be showing up at community events this summer to share the benefits of electrifying for sustainability. In the meantime, let us show you around.

Electric living is good living – come on in!

See the features that make this all-electric house a home.

1. Smart Thermostat

The perfect temperature for comfort and savings comes automatically.

2. Energy-efficient windows PGE

Let the light and beauty in without energy and comfort escaping.

3. Ductless heat pump

Winter warmth and cool summers. Just what every Oregon home needs.

4. Induction stove PGE

It heats quickly, can make subtle temperature changes and uses less energy. So, when’s dinner?

5. Efficient showerhead and faucets PGE

Take longer showers while using less water. Clean never felt so good!

6. Energy-efficient washer and dryer

Laundry just entered the space age. Now if it could just iron and fold.

7. LED lighting

The right lighting turns a house into a home and creates a nice ambiance for saving energy.

8. Electric yard tools

No more gas, exhaust fumes or fuss. These take the chore (and the noise) out of yardwork!

9. Heat pump water heater

Stop burning money to heat water! These get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

10. Battery storage

These aren’t your grandfather’s batteries. They’re the latest way to store all that good energy.

11. Solar panels

Look. Up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bright pathway to a clean energy future.

12. Electric car charger and electric bike

Electrify your ride! The road to clean, inexpensive travel starts here.

That’s just the beginning

We’ve got lots of great ways to help you save energy and money with rebates and incentives, energy-shifting rewards programs and more. Check out the links above for more info. And whether you rent or own, we’ve got more ideas to make your home more sustainable.

* We built this house with good energy in partnership with Tiny Heirloom PGE.